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Basaka saru?
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Fact:If these guys were actually worth a damn, then they wouldn't be relying solely on moeshit and bland otaku-pandering to sell their crappy shows.
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Nice buzzwords.
But Anon, making money through half-assed means and selling it to gullible fans is what matters nowadays. Screw actual quality!
>If these guys were actually worth a damn

You mean girls

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3x3 thread
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also manga

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All you need to do is to fill out this contract with your basic information, and don't forget your signature!
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Wtf this is much better than Nisekoi. Have you guys read it? What's your opinion on it?
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why is raku ikeman
Because it's super lewd

If you put the hurdle that low then it is not really that much of an accomplishment.

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Stop bothering lolis.
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Lolis see this world clearly.
I will bother them endlessly with my penis.
stop making documentary about loli
loli abhor documentaries

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Did she literally have AIDS?
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There is only one anime character that literally had AIDS.
Worst girl, worst moeshit ever, worst bland main heroine, worst minority fans, and worst body.
Remove that shitty deux ex machine and this Moeshit is Fucking Dead like her shit daughter
If you look at her symptoms then yeah, she had actual AIDS. Her immune system was weak and she got fevers often. She was more susceptible in winter and the time frame is roughly correct. Nagisa was diagnosed by Japanese doctors in the late-80s early-90s and the knowledge we have of AIDS started in the 80s so I wouldn't be surprised if they were still largely ignorant in Japan, at least in CLANNAD's world. Why she didn't diagnosed again as an adult you can just leave to plot but my belief is Key didn't want to turn off players by having a character with literal AIDS so they kept it ambiguous. It got transmitted to Ushio and the rest is history.

If we're to believe she had AIDS though then Tomoya has it too and would have eventually died too.

>It's Christmas Eve
>You are lonely as fuck, go out and buy some snacks and booze
>Return to your apartment
>Open door
>See this

What do?
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Turn 360 degrees and walk away.
Kick them out, call gabu over and play netoge together.
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me in the middle

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I honestly believe long skirts are better and cuter than short skirts.
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There are certain places with white cushion walls designed for people like you.
Aren't long skirts for delinquents?
Only delinquents wear long skirts, anon. Do you like delinquent girls?

What was it about Magical Pokaan that made it the most highly acclaimed anime in history?

What was it about the werewolf character "Liru" that cemented her place as the best girl of the series creating a standard to which all other shows aspire to?

What was it about the characters interactions and subtle nuances with each other that left the viewer in a state of peaceful bliss?

Magipoka Thread.
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Please let me suck your blood.
It's a shame this will only be remembered because of Seismic and his Liru thing.

This is probably my all time favorite SoL series

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This is Darkness. She is horny. Why is that?
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>Brave to a fault
>Secretly lewd
>Easily aroused
>Just the right amount of personality quirk to make life interesting.
Whats to hate about her?
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Hello Darkness my old friend.

>[HorribleSubs] Yowamushi Pedal - New Generation - 09 [720p].mkv
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>when the episode is great but the thread is dead
It's been ages since I read the manga so that caught me off guard. He's great.

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Why is /a/ so slow??
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We are taking it easy.
I just masturbated

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This was one of the few anime that made me cry
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Don't worry, /v/irgin-sama, you'll find lots of anime to cry to once you watch more than 5 of them.

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Post Miuna.

Don't complain. This thread will disappear in a few hours.
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What day is it even?
Eternal Sunday

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