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I want to do a small survey about archetypes. I am curious to know who /a/non thinks is the best
>childhood friend
My belief is that there is nothing wrong with the types, it's just that the execution is usually bad, and occasionally good. I am interested in other archetypes as well but these will do for now. You can comment on other types if you wish.
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I like onee-sans desu.

Can you give examples of good and bad executions of some of these? Just curious.
OP here. Well, what sort of brought this up is I've been rewatching To Heart 2 recently, and the archetypes seemed to me to be more appealing than usual. In other words well executed.

That said I think Tamaki from To Heart is an excellent example of a well executed onee-san type, despite being childhood friend and NBR.
I'd say charl from da capo 3 is a shitty onee-san.

She is boobs and that's it.

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Tawawa Mondays 107.png
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Where is kouhai-chan going this Monday? Will the tawawas be alright?
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C5bkNKTUoAA7IEo.png orig.png
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Novice cabin attendant stuffing in tightly (re-up).

Some context would be nice, but it's probably just a mundane business trip where they don't fuck despite a little sexual tension.
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Why is she so lewd?

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what makes an anime girl like-able?
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they're not real
Quick question, is that sweater made by the same people who make that cat shaped breast window meme sweater.
If she can cook then she's automatically 10/10.

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i'm drunk.png
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/a/ I just want you guys to know that I love every
single one of you it's going to be okay don't worry

I am so happy that this board exists I love anime so much and I'm just so happy that I have you guys to talk to even when you're mean sometimes it's okay I cherish the moments I spend with each and everyone of you
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I love you too, faggot.
I love you, OP.

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what's your favorite kind of panties?

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Swimsuit under clothes.
i like em all
New season literally when?

Why do you think One Punch Man hit mainstream popularity at such a fast rate? It's a show that people who don't even like anime that much seem to love.
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Maybe because it's fun.
It's unique. It's fun.
It's a parody of the genre. You don't need to know honorifics, cliches, inside jokes, and all of that other shit.
You're just watching a dude punching shit and making a funny face while doing so.

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Why do people watch moe shows again? They are so damn boring, they never have any plot or sense of actual meaningful progressing like other offend better anime (hell even other slice of life anime).
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For the waifus.
You'll understand when you're older.
I would love to hear how you differentiate "moe shows" and slice of life

Just remembering that this is a tsundere done right
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fucking who
She was shit and her show was shit.
google no saucenao, newfag

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Is it just me or is there some kind of fucky thing going on with late 90s too early 2000s anime.

What is up with their art style? Why does everyone look like an autistic high schooler's fantasy dream?

Its like they can't get proportion right in ANY sense!

Fucking Yugioh is probably the worst of the bunch, what is this? Why would ANYONE make this art
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yugioh is a masterpiece and you have shit taste
name one thing wrong with the proportions of the boy in your image
His eyes take up 30% of his head, his hair looks like someone put a round bowl under it and glued blue fur around it, his ears take up another 30% of his head, it just goes on and on from here

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What a movie.
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Yeah I agree OP. That is a movie.
Itt overrated shit
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Who is the most Unfaithful character in all of anime?
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>Crest of Friendship
>Listens to a creepy talking tree that tells him that he should beat his friend
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Don't know if it's unfaithful if you never really said that you were in a relationship.

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Who will be best girl?
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The gay one.
Shit taste.

I usually play it safe and go with the blonde as being best girl. They usually are.

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Why are there so many archives and why have so many failed? Why is there no /a/ specific archive?
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Internet costs money and the money they made from their malware ads wasn't enough.
fireden is working for /a/ https://boards.fireden.net/a/
>malware ads
Since when was Hiro hosting the offsite archives?

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dumping it now
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>watching this
>laughing my ass off
>somewhat wishing I was watching H instead,
>as it would be easier to hide
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I laughed so hard that I couldn't breath at that part.
oh my fucking god....
funny enough, this actually how horny women behave
oh my...
I haven't got that until now.... this anime man

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