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I fucking died laughing. Seriously, Ishida?
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Yeah, seriously? The blade is shiny clean despite being stabbed all the way through a head?
It's facebook's sword. He's going to befriend him.

Kubo is in charge of this manga now.
I don't even read this shit, but do you not see the vertical cut going over the top of his head? He wasn't stabbed, he was slashed downward from above, the protruding front part of the sword probably never touched his head.

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say, /a/ why aren't you watching zoids RIGHT now?
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I'm to busy spamming refresh on 4chan to watch anime
Because a decent chunk of lurkers aren't newfags, but good on you kid for picking up a great series.

Mob Psycho 100 is deep shit yo

They bring up a good point about talent, and how it's good to have confidence in it, but you shouldn't let it define you. You might encounter a situation where someone's more talented than you, or where your talent can't help you, and it can destroy your ego if it's too intertwined with your ability. That, and there's nothing wrong with not being especially talented. You might be special, and you might not be. You might be a "commoner" or a "part of the masses," but it doesn't really matter. There's no real reason to have to feel like you need to be separate from everyone else. What matters is that you are happy and that you are a good person.

Fantastic show. 10/10 would recommend
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Reigen is pretty cool yo
it's not really that it's okay to not be talented, more like just because you're really good at one specific thing doesn't guarantee you anything and demanding that society give you everything you want because you think you deserve it is bad
The funny thing is that old school anime, specially kodomo, is all about that. I watched an Anpanman movie just out of curiosity and the message pretty much was not only that there's no need to feel better than the rest, but also that if you happen to be more talented than the others you are worthless if you don't use your talents to help others improve.

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What does everyone think of fansubs?
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A few of them are good, some of them are OK, and many of them are bad.
>not electronic brain pancake crystal elderly

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Risou no Koi no, sono ato ni - The ideal love, and what comes after
By A-tan (Kumano Anzu)

Something I came across randomly. Can't even find it on baka updates so I guess it's pretty obscure
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Chapter 1 The distance between Lies and Truth - Tsuki and Hoshi
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Title: Don’t lie to me
"You are
Very good at forcing a smile"
Did something happened?
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“You’ve already decided”
I’m fine
“…is what you say
But I know you’re not fine at all”
You don’t have
To lie to me

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I need a Tomoko thread and stat
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just wait till 3/16 for a new chapter
Why the anime didn't got a second season?
Barely anything gets an S2 now.

Anime is just an advertisement for the manga or light novel.

why is it so good
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it isnt

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1. Kurisu
2. Erina
3. Haqua
4. Chitose
5. Mine

If she's not on this list, I'm afraid she's of inferior quality. You just have mediocre taste is all.
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Cristina is not tsundere though.
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Kill yourself.

Is it really that popular? 14 ovas that are full length and 26 episodes with a upcoming movie confirmed. I mean, how does the same old sex jokes not get boring?
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Comedic timing and cute girls.
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well cultured.png
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I just watched all of it recently, and it's just incredibly comfy, I think.
There's not really any fanservice or ecchi, despite literally every single joke being sexually vulgar. It just works, somehow.
And Prez is so fucking best.
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Shino, Suzu and Toki are perfect characters

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I just want Shinka to be happy
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Let's do this.
She's not with you. That's happiness.
If I turned into Shinka I would be happy

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Who's the best God in anime?
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Where the fuck is Haruhi?
Doesn't exist, she's a shit God
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New Chapter is out
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somebody convince me to read this.

i read the first chapter and it was fucking boring, but lots of people seem to like it.

is it actually any good/different/interesting?

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One of best polyamories that I know.
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They do make a cute trio.
Well Rin is into saber too so it all works I guess.

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Season 3 should be a prequel showing Yui as a toddler and her parent's struggle to raise their crayon eating child.
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>no ritz cracker
why even watch it
still would tho

>be me, yesterday
>with group of friends talking about movies
>girl says she watched Ponyo and really liked it
>say "isn't that an anime? Do you actually watch that stuff?"
>she got REALLY insecure and stopped talking about it

How do you guys respond when others bring up anime in real life?

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Fuck off and kill yourself, normalfag, this isn't your blog.
go away

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