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Fight me.jpg
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So what is the deal with TTGL? I basically got introduced to this steaming pile of shit while I was going out with this one girl who was really into it and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that watching TTGL in it's entirety was the biggest mistake of my life and just to keep things in perspective the girl I went out with eventually tried to stab me. The mechanics of the world aren't fully fleshed out, nothing really makes any sense, the dialogue is cringy, and everything looks like it was designed by a twelve year old. Why do people like this shit?
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I bet she just wanted to spare the world of your stuck-up ness
Would you say hank hill has an attractive body? I always thought he was a little chubby, but he looks daddy at here
appeals to violent male fantasies

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Why do female detectives suck at their job?
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I don't know what you're talking about.
Because girls like sucking things.
I hate anything detective related so much unless detective gets anally raped for some unexpected plot twists

What the fuck did he just do?
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Holy shit
He lost
First he became the weapon he was supposed to be in the first place, then he became a person.

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>the OP starts playing in the middle of the final fight scene
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> Best soundtrack starts at the showdown

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>ED starts playing at the final scenes of the final episode

Will this be canon at some point in DBZ S?
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>Hyper Saiyan
Did he unlock the Super Emeralds?
The next 'Transformation' seems to be no-hair-colored base goku with some devilish aura

>inb4 lava goku
please remember cancer memes can actually infest your body
Super looks like fanfiction

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ITT:Anime with GOD-tier soundtracks
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Pic not related
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What happened to Dandy, why did he ruin his pompadour?

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Why is he so angry? He is a talentless hack, who is mad that the western world gives oscars and golden globes to people that actually have talent, such as steven spielberg.

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>oscars and golden globes
>people that actually have talent
People always learn the wrong lessons from his movies.
Please go die in a fire.

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was nichijou to smart for mainstream audiences?
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20 lg (sqrt (10)) = 20 lg (10^1/2) = 20 * 1/2 lg (10) = 10 * 1 = 10
>using log 10
>not using objectively superior ln

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Not underrated
20cb > Monster
not underrated
not a masterpiece.
Just a great show

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kakashi vs obito.webm
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Is Kakashi vs Obito the best animated fight scene of all time?
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I specially like the flat cg cubes in the backround.
Sure if you have mega low standards.
If you haven't seen many anime yeah.

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The intent of this thread is to discuss and compare animes containing incest. Understand that there will probably be spoilers, and please take the effort to spoiler tag major spoilers.
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Yosuga no Sora obviously.
+above average visuals
+fan service
+beautiful music
+actual incest
+actual drama
+hillarious moments
+dat chibi ED >>>>>> CHAPA CHAPA
+is softcore hentai

-first three arcs are shit
-good ending but shitty resolution
I can't decide if I like Koi Kaze or Yosuga no Sora better. Koi Kaze definitely was a more respectable series, but Yosuga no Sora was so damn fucking emotional in the final arc. That scene where "Haru practically rapes Sora, Sora is okay with it, Haru breaks down and they fight, Haru slaps Sora" is one of my favorite scenes from anything ever. But then again, Koi Kaze made me cry all over the place as well, and they did a better job of cultivating Nanoka and Koshiro's relationship. I'm just gonna have to go with "I love em both!"
One of these days i'll have to watch koi kaze, but I can't imagine any girl being perfection incarnate more than Sora

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i sexually identify as trash
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Thank god you admit it. But don't involve Best Girl Rei in your personal crap.
I will never not bump NGE
Alright Rei

who here hyped for upcoming war

I can't see Shin coming out on top in this war.
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Why not?
How can this guy possibly still be at 90 strength with a kick like that?

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