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A Manga Author about 2chan.
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It's not really about 2chan but about interacting with unchecked feedback.
And game devs and Hollywood types check Reddit, /v/ and /tv/. Creators can get instant feedback from anonymous strangers just by making a thread with their work and seeing if people like it or not.

It must be really fucking depressing.
That's what happens when you want an opinion without hypocrisy, stupid move.

This bland, uninspired ripoff is the show everyone likes so much? How can you defend this show for what a crappy job it did ripping off the opening episode of Yu Yu Hakusho. In the first episode we have our misfit protagonist the viewer expects to amount to nothing, who gets hit by car to save small child. Then a magic floaty blue-haired girl gives them a second chance at life with magic. They fit into that life somewhat better than the real world. The protagonist struggles to become a hero while still being a jerk half the time. The main difference was that Yusuke was a genuinely interesting character.
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There is a difference between bait and jokes.
Bait is supposed to make you angry. OP is not trying to rile anyone up.
You are entirely correct
Someone just said this to me non-ironically and I couldn't resist

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punished by woody.jpg
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I'm here to check the gas meter. Can you open the door, sweetheart?
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Why would someone write this?
Better than actually doing it.
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Don't open, 9 times out of 10 its some fucking romanian trying to steal your shit

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overrated series
I'll start;
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Take your pick
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Who is the better written character?
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One is a bland one way character, the other is really good complex character.
I enjoy both equally. They're extremely similar with a skewed moral compass.

I think one has a better universe to play in, though.
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>I enjoy both equally

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Given these three choices, why would any sane person choose anyone other than Kuroneko?
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I choose Kanako.
It's your moral imperative to choose your sister.
Ayase is a goddess.

>best girl in an anime/manga
>has daddy issues

Every fucking time
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But Maho didn't have daddy issues, anon
Tomo is best AzuDai and her and her father's relationship was good in the manga.
but Mayuri didn't have daddy issues

What's up with this slut in Nyanko Days?
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>text in English
>read it in Japanese in my head anyway
I really should neck myself one of these days.
>latest episode has no Nyanko

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If you like manga so much, why not consume it raw?
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I don't like the taste of paper.
it grows on you
Because the only thing I consume raw is dick.

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Say hi to Fuu, /a/!
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99% of doujins for the series are BL... WHY GOD
don't sexualize the whore

>Muh Sunflower Samurai

I liked Samurai Champloo but I can't really remember much besides the funny-dumb side stories. What was the deal with Mr. Sunflowers?

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How do you watch a show in ongoing? I've ruined my experience watching Re:Zero while airing. Isn't it just better to marathon the whole thing in one or two days?
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With my eyes. Whatever suits you.
>How do you watch a show in ongoing?
Watch an episode.
Wait a week.
Watch another episode.

Though if you aren't a casual it's more like:
Watch lots of episodes of different anime.
Watch the the next episodes of all these anime.
Watch yet another episode of all these anime.
Watching airing anime is only better if you participate in the threads about it.

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Nobunaga no Shinobi thread.
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Is that a good idea?
Making a big announcement for what is supposed to be a ninja thread?
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>a cute 3 minute history anime with 2 seasons and counting
>barely any fanbase
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But we got to celebrate the upcoming second season

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>tfw u remember Hachikuji is dead
might as well end it
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>might as well end it
Please do.
She was dead already, you know?
Not in alternate universe she isnt.

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Well, now we know one of the reasons she's with Daa-san.
His dick is as long as her tits are huge.
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Can I get a source on this series my dude?
Oku no Pico
Are there even h-manga where someone tries to NTR but when the thief taunts the dude that he can't pleasure his girl he actually has a superior penis and sex technique.

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Halt /a/!
You're under arrest for not support my series!
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I kinda forgot it existed. It had an anime right?

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