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If you were Taihei, how would you treat your imouto Umaru?
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Cum inside her everyday.
The public form or the vidya goblin form?
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I don't know
Probably not very different from how I treat my others family members

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>Subs almost 2 weeks ago.
>Hardly any threads about it.
Why is nobody talking about this? Did we burn out too quickly?

Also, when did Mikami become so hot?
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We don't talk about it because it's been pretty lame in the one episode we got subbed.
It's just setup, it'll probably get more interesting as it gets going.

Speaking of: wasn't the second episode supposed to be released last month?
It doesn't help that the sub release is only playable by highend PCs because the encoder thought he had to use the newest meme codecs instead of the old and proven H264+AAC.

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When did you last think about Shana /a/?
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When I watched it.

waste of time
I'll never forget that girl and what she did
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All the time. Shana is mai waifu after all.

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Oh, hi! I'm here to bring nothing to the table and annoy the shit out of you!
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Sounds like a normal woman, then.
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Story of life. We are the enlightened.
You seem to be bringing sex appeal at least.

Have you guys ever had a character who's voice made you want to jab an ice pick in your ear? I have (Pic very much related)
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Clementine from overlord
>hating on the best akb
If you want i'll jab an ice pick in your ear for you.
Any Rei tsunshit.

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>MC uses mind control to force a girl to strip

How do you feel about this?
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He didn't do it, Balor did
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meh not a big difference
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ITT: Guess the best girl of shows you haven't watched
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you couldn't be more wrong
she is objectively worst girl from anything ever

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Screenshot (228).png
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Ok this end right here right now... I had no problem with everything they did to the movie.... BUT CHANGING A FUCKING GOD TIER OST IS A NO NO....... Like they just killed the movie
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Scarlet Johanson is the epitome of everything wrong with 3DPD.
As if Steve Aoki even knows anything about Ghost in the shell...

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So how do you think /a/ and Japan would react if, at the end of the show, they would show a very quick cutscene with Yui being pregnant and saying she's sure you will be a great father?
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If every arc has 4 episodes, what is the 13th episode for?
I would love to raise my wife's son with Yui.
God why do I love Kantoku's this much?

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flippy flapping.jpg
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Was it truly g/a/y?
Just finished it.
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Nope, just friends. Also shit show.
Their final henshin was a wedding dress, there were like 15 different frames for "flip my flaps"-faces Cocona was making while snuggling on Papika before they honeymooned. It wasn't even subtle anymore.
>Also shit show
the first episode was incredible though...

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Nonohara Yuzuko. Intelligent, cute and with a special sense of humor.
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yu wouldn't dick this yuyu, would yu?
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Noel and Mai.png
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One of these is a boy.
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The only boy here is you, faggot
Doesn't look like a boy to me.
you can tell which one is a boy based on the curvature of the ass. i actually devised a formula from Simpson's method that takes a group of quadratic equations to fit the curvature and if certain coefficients are in range it can tell if it's a boy's ass or a girl's ass.

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>Anime about Japanese people in Japan
>cast is tall, blonde, and blue-eyed
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Kumiko is so ugly. Her sister is much better.
>all the main characters have varying hair colors tall and good looking
>all the background characters are all brown/black hair with indistinct features

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Fuck, befriend and marry. Last one is dead already anyways.
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>Last one is dead already anyways.
Fuck Anna
Marry Saya
Kill Stella
Befriend Luluco

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Does this show ever get good? The lead protagonists have absolutely no chemistry, one of them doesn't even seem to have any particular interest in whomever she's engaged to.

I'm on episode 6 and based on everything I know about her thus far, she doesn't seem to care about any of the characters. She just roots for whoever has won the duel up to this point.

Utena herself is a great character, but the Anthy is a horrible character. She seems to care about all life, but she doesn't take accountability for any of her actions towards other human beings, and she's completely oblivious to the ramifications of said actions.
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A special kind of autism.
At least you can look forward to Anthy getting slapped a lot
Is that really going to be the only explanation for why she's such a bad character? "Autism?" Is this really considered the cream of the crop by yurifags?

Or are you stating that I'm autistic for not understanding such a poorly written character?

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