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If Shiburin puts you in a chokehold, she would let go once you're incapable of fighting back. Shinka would continue until your windpipe broke.
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Shinka's words coming out of my mouth.
This is why Rin would lose to Shinka
Mai would protect me from those bullies.

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Merri Kurisumasu, /a/! I hope you're all ready to sing Jingaru Beruzu at the Kurisumasu paati! After all, we're celebrating the birth of Kuristo! It's a very biggu ebento. Just make sure you don't drop your fooku while you're eating the buraku spesharu shooto keiki!
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Now repost this on christmas
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>at Japanese restaurant
>lady asks if I want "fooku"
>"uhhh, what"
>"yuo wan fooku?"
>"I'm sorry I can't hear you, can you say-"
>my friend interrupts and says fork
>tfw I'd been studying Japanese for like a year at that point and I couldn't even recognize basic engrish

Thanks for reading please remember to subscribe
Why do Japanese people talk like retards?

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>KyoAni doesn't have a single memorable design
Defend this.
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I bet you made that statement with a certain design in mind, how isn't that a memorable design?


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How can one girl go from good to shit in just one episode?
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Vigne's betrayal was pretty bad, but Slutneki is still bottom girl of the season.
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>posted on 2017-01-29 06:08 EST

baka OP

Not everyone knows, anon.
Hope it's not as disappointing as the last one.

How do we fix kyoani?
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Can't fix what ain't broke.
I need more Horiguchi

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Does /a/ like Shiemi?
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No opinion on shit no one watches.
She's the Orihime of Exorcist. Which unfortunately means she's most likely to win.

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Eyebrows is where it's at.

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Why is a 40+ year old woman allowed to still attend high school?
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Okay, then why wear the helmet?

If her skin is so smooth and youthful that her arms and thighs give away her age, I doubt her face would.
She's undead.

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hello /a/, have you thought about me today?
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I think about you everyday.

I hope you are okay and are depression-free.
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Why is there only around 4 pictures of him total?

Does this show get any better? It's basically a poor man's Sore ga Seiyuu except literally none of the characters are good.
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Don't compare that shit to Girlish Number
>that's the joke
SgS was great, you nigger.

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How does this make you feel?
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Glad I'm not a virgin weeb who jacks off to mongolian puppets.
Hurts my back just looking at it.
Holy shit you're so cool

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Blood related or non blood related?
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Always Mana.
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The quieter twin
Kotori is my second favorite girl while Mana doesn't even rate.


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why does my Jotaro look that old?
>muscular alpha western males being potraied like weak nips

>no fab poses
>shitty synth track
>fucking montage

How the hell do you cut such an awful trailer? Even the Hollywood stench of GitS is more faithful than this.

Ok, this was pretty damn enjoyable. I mean, I would call it a hidden gem but I am not really sure how popular this movie ended up being.
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The only enjoyable part of this was rewatching it flipped upside down.
This and Aura are probably my favorite films no one has seen.
I wouldn't call it a "hidden gem" since there was a decent amount of buzz around the time it was released, but it still feels a little overlooked for something that came out in a weak year.

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Well what do you take in with you?
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Rolling for trips
Time to roll.

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