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Why aren't there more fat, pathetic protagonists in anime/manga?
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Because the fat pathetic people who consume the media want power fantasies and escapism.
I don't like drawing fat people.
There aren't many fat, pathetic protagonists in most media.

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Which Good would you Job?
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My headcanon is that Seira is just a tsundere and when she goes dere the two voices will switch places.
Not the fat one.

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9 days until new chapter
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Why? best girl already won

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This was the best episode of the series imo
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aqua you are a faggot.webm
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dont mind me just contributing to this thread
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Season 2 has had a lot of great episodes honestly. I wouldn't call this one the greatest though.
>repeating the same, single gag the entirety of the episode

It was a definitive "eh"

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I kind of like Zen chan.
I pictured him to be an old man like the gand kai was.
Hey guys. I have a problem that's not directly related to DBZ games/anime, but I don't think /pol/ or /adv/ know

enough about DBZ to help me out.
I know that this is going to sound incredibly autistic, but I cannot function in social settings unless I imagine

myself as a Dragon Ball character. No, I don't go around saying "I'm Goku, a Saiyan raised on earth!" or try to

fly or anything. I just feel myself with the overall demeanor of a DBZ character. I can pass off as a normie well

with this.
I choose DBZ characters that already compliment my personality. My main 3 are Piccolo (When I'm feeling quiet

but confident), Vegeta (When I'm feeling a bit smug/cocky) and Broly (When I'm feeling a bit edgy). I also have

a rotating list of DBZ characters that I can use. I've done Bulma, Trunks, Gohan, Great Ape Bardock, Cell, Mr

Satan, etc...
But my problem is, I have a party with my co-workers tonight, and I'm not sure which DBZ character I should

be. I want to be a bit more outgoing and talkative than usual, but not TOO much. I had a bad experience with

Yamcha this spring, when I got a bit TOO confident, so I don't want to use him. I'd like to try a Dragon Ball GT

character, but I'm not sure which once. I like Super 17, but I feel like he would make me come across as an

autist. I was actually thinking about Gogeta, but not being canon hurts him a bit.
Do you guys have any ideas for a DBZ character that would be sociable and confident, but not too much so?
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Just run around going NIGEN REEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

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Did they give up on releasing chapters? I know live TLs are still being done but 93 was the last one to be released.
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97 was the last LiveTL
The last chapter they released on the site was 93.
What chapter is this page from?

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Wow! I never expected this!

This anime really blew me away. It is definitely among my top 3 favorites of all time. I particularly enjoyed the less serious first half.

I looked at the archives and found not a single thread. Why is this not much more popular?

Truly a hidden gem.
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Misato's ok, but Shinji is really off model here.
No one is even going to know what anime that is, myself included.

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>start watching Re:zero because 1000 Rem posting
>in love with this lady instead

wat do
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You pray to YHVH's amazing bald yellow face that he may forgive your shit taste.
Give her your entrails
She got nice tits, but she's only the third biggest.

Would you a lovecraftian onee-sama?
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I want her to be my onee-chan
I prefer my lovecraftian imouto-sized.

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katabuchi's anime.jpg
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The Japan Academy Prize for Best Animation of the Year went to In This Corner of the World. It has a better shot at an Oscar nomination than Your Name.
>will have had its worldwide release by the time of the Oscars
>most award winning and critically recognized anime film in Japan since Spirited Away
>more sophisticated subject matter and a justifiable pick for the critics than a teen romcom premise
>not much competition or big hits in American animation this year
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Love it.
>implying the entire oscars animation category isn't rigged for Disney
>implying the oscars mean anything other than a huge liberal circlejerk
I want Hollywood to stay out of my Chinese cartoons.
Your Name had CGI.

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What upcoming anime are you looking forward to?
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Hinako Note and New Game S2 is about it currently.
Full Metal Panic IV
literally all I care about
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Dog Days season 4

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Anybody going
what exhibition would you like to go see?
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Didn't SB69 S2 flop like really bad?
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More Sakura Quest promo material?
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Majority of these picks are so bad. What the hell Japan?

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Who is best Azumanga and why is it Osaka?
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It's because her stomach is so fun to punch
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Did we not just have the azudai thread last week?
>moment when you aren't /jp/ enough to understand the difference between Osakan accent and Tokyo accent. I feel like some jokes must have gone over my head because of this.
pls no booly

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something cute perhaps.jpg
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What's in the box?
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>Higurashi thread
oh nice!
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is it okay to fap to a god?
all of the worlds evils and no hope

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Reminder that Neferpitou did nothing wrong.
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Except confuse my penis
No. She's weak and died like a trash like she is.
Being born as a man was his greatest mistake.

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