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What would you do if you became a Super Saiyan God?
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Genocide a few quadrillions of the weakest mortals so my universe can receive good marks and avoid getting rm -rf'd by Zen-chan.
Kill everything

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Can you learn Japanese from watching anime?
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It can help with vocab, but doesn't do shit for grammar.
Up to a degree.
You can learn things like vocabulary and grammar but it won't teach you how to read.


If anything you'll pick up the most common phrases and words in the language like ありがとう and 大丈夫 but it won't do shit for you in the long run.

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Canon NTR when

Get in here, weirdos.
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This is my wife.

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Dumping new chapter.
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Is Akane the best Key girl ever created?
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No. She isn't even best Rewrite.
No, Kurugaya is. Akane is second best though.

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Why does Karen ruin everything? also did you enjoy the OVA
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>also did you enjoy the OVA
It was good whenever Karen was on screen.
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Why is Karen so shit? she ruined the whole episode.
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Karen ruined shinos play!

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It's out here:
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And last page.
So the bears weren't bullying her, they were just protecting their honey from her. Ratel is cute.

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Your favourite little words or phrases from anumo&mingu

>違う 違う 違う!!!
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>Not それは違う

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Yui will win the Hikki bowl.
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You think that, but you know she won't. Personally I want to see him commit sudoko over the lack of genuinity in this world and then see Yui and Yukino console each other, at the very least I would like to see a doujin of that, too bad my artistic skills are close to zero or I would do it myself.

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satania a cute. A CUTE
I want to fuck Satania so hard until my dick explodes

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best ending scenes


I know a lot of people don't like Champloo but I thought the ending was actually pretty nice, and fits in with the laid back tone the series had.
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Cowboy bebop ended with a death that looked into the night. Samurai Chaploo ended with new lives headed off seperately to a beautiful new day. Mitchko to Hatchin ended with a journey through the night to a dawn reunion. As expected of Nabeshin.
That scene is like, 80% the song.

San Francisco is so fucking good.

The ending fit the show perfectly. They were all strangers from completely different walks of life that formed a bond that they eventually considered friendships, and once their task was done they they went on their own ways on new separate paths and journeys. They now go on these new journeys as completely changed individuals; Jin is no longer haunted by his past in regards to his samurai dealings, Mugen is no longer just some crazy island monkey and can even sort of read now, and Fuu clears up the mystery about her dad and closes that chapter of her life and is not just some completely naive and inexperienced child.

And given the tone of the show, you can't help but just feel that they'll cross paths once again. And hopefully Mugen is getting some of that hot ninja pussy and ass pussy that has been promised to him.

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What's her endgame?
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Getting cancelled.
Reviving the series after making some buck from Kaguya.
Having her son marry the heir to one of the richest families in Japan

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so, Hakase discussion board. Discuss while I go and eat a rollcake.
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Why does she always bully Nano?
Worst character in anime.
Ruins Nichijou.
Unfunny, cruel, irritating, and creepy.
Hakase is evil incarnate, I hate her

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ITT post anime you think are underrated or obscure
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I don't know how, but people are sleeping on Dennou Coil.
Axnfag reporting in.
man those were the days

>Fushigi Yuugi
>Dual Parallel Adventure
>Cyborg 009
>Gensomaden Saiyuki

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