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What was the point of this character?
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Adding some feminine charm to the cast.
>what is Faye

Edward's charm isn't strictly feminine at all. Edward is Edward.
What is Faye?

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"Meme" referring to them being highly influential?
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The words "meme", "cuck", "literally" and "job" have totally lost their meaning.

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Is Ryuko Matoi officially left or right handed?

The show itself and official art shows her using both hands almost equally. Though, there's a fan theory that she's actually left handed "but had to learn how to use SCISSORS with her right hand as most left-handed people have to". Her left-handedness is also hinted by her sailor uniform's eye only being opened on her left side and that she wears a red glove only on her left hand.

Yes, this detail is important if you're interested in drawing Ryuko.
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Shameless self bumupu.
Anaza bumpu.
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Please let her be the left-handed queen. There are literally zero anime characters that use a melee weapon with their left hand.

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Murat streaming again. Coloring the cover for volume 13
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Brown hair
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Suiryu has blueish eyes

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Is she a virgin?

This is important
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I'm not sure her birthday has been decided.
She's not.

It is canon.
I'm not sure a man could have sex with, he'd probably die of heart attack before it.

>useless MC in a shitty harry potter ripoff
>yuri dragons
>nazi loli
>unrealistic teenager sex drama
>most generic tsundare ever
>more SOL bullcrap

other than konosuba everything else has been utter shite
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I'm impressed a faggot like you managed to try out 6 whole shows despite hating anime.
>praises a painfully unfunny isekai trash show
kids these days

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>Release on March 10
Don't you forget worship your crossbreed?
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>Wolf on the Parchment

Sasuga Nippon.
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s3 when???

Didn't Horo have a shitload of kids from different fathers in the past? she outlive them all

Myuri is just one more daughter, a spark in her immortal life

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/a/nons the future of anime is in trouble. You have to stop watching mediocre series just because of muh waifus. I even chose the blandest of them all so that you would look at this thread.

In the not to distant future, all anime and manga is indistinguishable from one another because the creators of these series realized the only way to make a living is by making mediocre, bland, all-holds-barred shows with no story, development of character, humor, or even interesting setting. They rely solely on you watching and buying these shows because of the cute anime girls.

Your blind loyalty to muh waifus has over-saturated the market with anime girls that are practically the same character and design but none of you cunts care because they're your ideal girl.

>the sweet girl that clings to MC and wears your fetish outfit
>the bossy girl "tsundere" that tells MC what to do and isn't kicked out of the group for no apparent reason
>the mysterious girl who barely talks and has no reason to be in MC's presence but the fanboys like her because she has an unnatural skin color
>the tomboy girl who is tougher and cooler than MC in every way but isn't the MC because you have to have someone to self-insert
>the horny girl that really isn't all that attracted to MC at all but has big tits
>MC is always not-quite-a-loser and not-quite-the-coolest so that you have someone to project your shitty life onto

Please, /a/nons, for the sake of the future, improve your taste and demand something good for a change and stop watching shows that have cute anime girls just because they're marketable.
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you type like a fag and your shit's all retarded
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Why do you say it's bland? Rem, for instance, is hailed as the most cookie cutter waifu in ALLLLLLL of anime, yet her popularity was so high upon release and still continues to be popular. You say it's shit taste, but she represents the model for a woman that goes beyond the sphere of Anime. Try to get this into your thick skull, she represents a woman people want because of her qualities and many people would like to have for a wife. To call these qualities, which makes the character, bland because they are overused is stupid and you're seeking to be edgy. There's always been this kind of women in anime, why are you bitching? Also, many people who watch anime are single men, who want relationships with cute and loyal women.

Just because people enjoy these cute shows, doesn't mean they just stick to those shows. I love Gochuumon and watched it yesterday alongside recapping old Ghost in the Shell projects.

You're an idiot if you believe an anime that is similar to, let's say EVA, in symbolism and psychoanalytical evaluation wouldn't perform well in the market. It would be widely different and if it was good, it would do well. It's ridiculous to assume that WE are at fault for liking cute shows when we aren't the ones creating the shit.

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Why blondes are so best? Is it the recessive allele?
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blondes are more slutty
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Do you include guys in that?
Aryan > anything else.
/pol/ is never wrong.

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>hey let's make an anime about high school idols!
>and let's make another anime that's exactly the same!
>wouldn't that be HILARIOUS?!
Tatami Galaxy and now kill yourself you worthless piece of shit

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Is Haruhi a gay pride symbol?
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Yes because girls go gay for her
No. Haruhi is straight for Kyon.
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No, because I wanna go deep into her!

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Finally finished the two seasons of this master piece.

What'd you guys think? S2 was great but I think the Bog arc dragged on a little too much, and I feel like S1 had a better ride as we watched Kaiji start at the bottom and slowly work his way up to the boss.

So where the fuck is S3?
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S3 fucking never.

Japan hates weed.

But yeah it was fucking glorious. Of course each season has its perks, S2 was definitely bogged down to those here who followed along weekly, but most people say it's much better on a marathon. I feel it dragged on a little too much but mostly in the setup rather than the actual Bog challenge itself.

I prize S2 as being the somewhat more optimistic of the two, but S1 trumps it in the feels department.

>>So where the fuck is S3?
Never, for many reasons.

First of all, the anime was piggybacking on the live action movie hype, the anime itself bombed in terms of ratings (due to airing in the middle of the night) and generally was only there for fanservice.
First movie did well and so when second anime was in the works, anime also got a second season.
But since the second movie did badly, no third movie and thus no third anime season to piggyback off third movie hype.

And secondly, more importantly really, the series composer was busted for having weed on him and went to jail for 17 years, got completely blacklisted, all his soundtrack albums were pulled from sale and he's generally considerd worse than cancer now in Japan.

Just started this and holy shit she is beautiful and has the perfect personality.
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Could I bang this stinky NEET without getting arrested?
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and this is why the white race is dying. your pedo trigger is what's refusing men to marry.

nobody likes an OLD HAG as marriage material. deal with it amerifags
Anzu is just a fake NEET because she works as an idol.

You don't want a fake like that, OP.

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She wasn't that bad
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At what? Getting cucked?
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Only her "death" made that possible
actual best girl

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