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Me on the left.
Me on the right.

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to further enhance the butthurt
Another one?

That most recent chapter was practically nothing. The threads were just people going 'that's it? it's fucking nothing'.

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Fun fact: Shinka is actually the clip
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There have been no recorded Shinka sightings for over 200 years
I wish i went to the same school as Shinka. I will stalk her, observe her from here, taking picture and recording her daily activities.
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Feel these blank spaces, anons
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Fuck, i mean fill
I feel your blanks.
Sorry but I'm not into wish fulfeelment.

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If Sayians rapidly grow stronger after every near-death experience why didn't they just keep shooting each other with guns and throw the fatally wounded into the healing tank until they out-powerlevel'd everything?
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Because that would be boring. You can do this in Dragon Universe in BYOND as a Saiyan though. (A shitty 2D dragonball game)
It wouldn't be a near-death experience if healing was certain.
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I haven't seen frodoposting in a while.

Is he the best written character in shonen?
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This thread is going to be lewd
He probably is one of the most well-written. During the chimera-ant arc he reaches his peak because of the suffering caused by Gon's actions.
It's too bad that in the arc after that he suddenly remembers he has a sister he loves more than Gon just because he needed her power and decides, for whatever reason, to stay with her. Why didn't he do that before?
Don't post shitty tumblr images.
No, not even if you just got it from google.

It will be 2 cour show.
Not even split cour.

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Certainly unexpected.
Guess now they will adapt all 7 volumes.

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spics only like GT anon
Nice try Paco, but only spics find DB as a whole good

I wanna kick Haruhi's ass.
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I want her to bear my Heracles!
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Hey kid wanna look for weird stuff?
Who would win?
Haruhi vs Zeno

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>Adapt the series to anime again
>Don't force the author to release more than one chapter a decade
Are the producers retarded? What the hell are they thinking?
This means the underaged edgelords will return to /a/ once again. Fantastic.
>bad cgi is back

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>OP by angela
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That should be expressing joy
>OP by Ali Project
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>OP by Manami Numakura

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What does Shiburin think of Shinka?
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What does the person making these shit threads every single day think about his pathetic life?
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A lesser being
I don't know anything about this character except that her doujin are boring as fuck.
Why is one autist pushing her so hard?

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What the fuck did I just watch? I expected a comfy isekai romp across the desert, not a torture, murder, rapefest.

I have never felt so bad for a character then I did Sala. Kidnapped because she looks like Lala Ru, beat and raped, almost dies after escaping which she had to kill someone to do, learns that she became pregnant through being raped, then when she tries to kill herself she gets told that "dying is bad" and that she's a shitty person for trying it.

Fuck this MC, Sala did nothing wrong.

She's just a kid!

Anyways, what did you all think of this anime. It was a fucking ride and a half for me.
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This anime was brought to you by the United States Navy.

A Global Force For Good.
The MC was unbearable, and could not care less about him and the main girl.

Sala, and the two soldier boys made this worth watching I think.

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>character keeps their hands in their pockets for the entire fight
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I hate the cliche that the MC's sibling is a Mary Sue and is better than them in almost every way.
Hits too close to home?
Name one

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If Osaka had a baby she would be Osaka the Okasa
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Well now you're just speaking in umbrella terms.
I'd Osaka Osaka
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Oh my gah~!

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