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ITT: OPs you never skip
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Is this the greatest anime of the decade?
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>overrated shit.
Unironically, yes. I used to think Katanagatari, Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei, Mawaru Penguindrum and Ping Pong wouldn't be topped, but Konosuba did it beautifully.
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worst girl.png
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What happens if she wasnt able to catch her head?

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it would sprout little arms and legs and run away
heads by their selves don't weigh much, so the damage would probably be similar to a hard bump on the head, i'm more concerned with how tall she seemed this episode.
what happens if she accidentally drops her head in the tub or in the swimming pool?

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Will anything fill the void that was To Love-ru?
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At some point yes but right now there's nothing out there.
Reminder that there will be no more mikan
as much as I enjoyed the gratuitous amount of fanserive, To Love-ru was complete haremshit

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Was it rape?
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Are you rape?
What is rape?
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Does this nigga wanna lose his job?
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I'm sorry that teachers in whatever country your from don't give a shit about their students, but you don't have to be upset at japan for being better.
He gets in trouble over his untoward relationship with the demi students in the next episode.
This kinda shit don't fly in freedom town brother. He's getting into bone zone with them little titties and Uncle Sam don't approve of getting pre-pubescent vages wet.

This is unethical from multiple prospectives.

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Marry Lalatina.
Fuck Aqua.
Kill Megushit.
Fuck Darkness
Marry Megumin
Kill the annoying goddess
Fuck Darkness
Marry Aqua
Kill megameme

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what is it about Jojo that makes it so damn consistently good?
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>tfw 13 years old
I really liked Jojo until the middle of part 4. I honestly didn't understand what the point of everything was at that point.

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ITT that one anime that made you sad when it ended
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I agree op, but with the way the second season was going the show would have been terrible after that.
What do you mean? Honestly I thought S2 was better than S1 because there was more plot development.

But there is the fact that after the activation of Jormungand there really wouldn't have been much story. I just miss it because HCLI under Koko had so much characterization that I loved all the characters.

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So all three of them have been raped. What's the moral here?
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Rape is bad.
Rape made Guts into a man though. It taught him how the world works.
Griffith got raped as an adult man, That can't happen

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They finished the translations
God, what a ride

What are your expectations for afterstorie?
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I stopped reading some 70-80 chapters ago.

Just tell me, is Yue still a vampire loli who's being regularly fucked by the MC?
>They finished the translations
What translations?
I hope dont mean this thing
>As always, this is a not a direct translation, but a rewrite on my interpretation of the MTLs

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Ghost in the Shell.jpg
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I just watched this movie. I liked it. What did you guys think?

Also, what do you guys think about the remake coming out?
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Abort, now, erase your thread
Why? What's wrong with this movie?

It' not a remake, it's a live action "adaptation" and this thread is marketing for it.

but i'll amuse you anyways... Oshii movie is great. It' really intelligent, visually stunning and the pacing and narrative are superb.

The adaptation you can tell just by looking at the trailers that is just a shell with no ghost. Despise all the references and copied shoots you can tell the spirit is not there. It's gonna be all aesthetics with no substance. The plot and pacing is gonna be lost in translation to dumb it down to American audience and there won't be a drop of real cyberpunk in it.

That much is clear. Just in case you are not a marketing guy go watch innocence instead.

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was it ever determined just what the FUCK his problem was?
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stuck in a shit show
he just wanted a quiet life but he coudln't help but to kill people

he literally did nothing wrong


What do?
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>What do?
sexy time.
she'll be ok i think

This anime is a genuine masterpiece.
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More like masturbation piece
I can see Hanabi's nape

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