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Rate my waifu /a/
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Get an STD screening asap
That's a child
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Used goods from a dead series. You fell for the memes and your reward is a boat for a waifu.

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Why doesn't anyone seem to be concerned about the increasingly prevalent bullying of the mentally handicapped in anime?
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Because SJWs are primarily a western phenomenon.
Based Elevens just don't give a fuck.
Because it's hilarious and there's no real-life victims because of it.
I wouldn't consider Satania's situation to be bullying

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Kimi no Na wa thread. I just finished watching it and holy fuck I was blown away. What an emotional journey.

What did you all think?
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Waiting for BDs.
mediocre and trite shit for normalfags
Are you really that much of a contrarian?

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That i all to Lain,, is you thoughts?
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i finished watching this last night what the fuck is this show
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Haven't seen Latifa-sama sexualzation thread for a while, let's fix it.
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Is it true that she's Canadian?
She's a parallel magical world-ian. How could she be Canadian?

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This aesthetic is so fucking good
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Yes it is, i like it.
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Shame about the story though.
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Been a while since I posted mine.
>Aku no Hana
>that one cyber girl
say no more
Is the mekakucity actors manga any better than the anime? I remember trying to watch it but the superpower shit was confusing, though I've been thinking of giving it a second chance

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Why do anime characters never curse?
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Public broadcasting.
They all do
source: Commie subs
what is even the japanese equivalent of "fuck you"?
>kono yaro
>shine, baka
>anta, ahou-ka?
None of these register as insults in English

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Endings that pissed you off
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I thought it was OK
It was fine. Just kinda mad actual final couple didn't have much in screen time together.
I could see how some would think that way and to be honest it probably was the right way for things to end. But holy shit the MC's defeatism pissed me off.

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Are you enjoying your Mind of Steel Shirou? This is the end result of chasing after seigi no mikata ideals. You turn black and gold, and after awhile start to enjoy ending people.

I don't know why "heroism" in Nasuverse somehow keeps leading to chaotic evil alignment with this father and son, but they're perhaps a bit too extreme with how they go about it. Leads to them both breaking or turning out strange.
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>Not Mind of Lust End
He like everyone else who came into contact with Kiara, was consumed by her boundless lust that made everyone kill themselves.
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>You turn black
But why

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How did we go from this
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To this?
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to this?
File: 1477927872114.jpg (35KB, 390x261px)Image search: [Google]
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to this

I don't care who the best girl is. I just want to drink coffee with my boy.
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Best girl ranking after episode 9

Satania > Raphi > Iinchou > Tap > * > Vigne > Gabriel
I want to take Vigne on dates at the coffee shop!
It would be serene

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omelette du fromage
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Tytania was a mistake
she's got a chubby face
what is this anyway? Google's being as useless as ever

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Why are Japanese lolis so good at math? Even the brown lolis can do advanced geometry in elementary school.
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miyu integration.png
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And some can even do calculus!
>Even the brown lolis can do advanced geometry in elementary school.

That's no surprise. Brown people are the master race after all.
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Oh, BTW, OP diagram isn't to scale. Attached image is it drawn to scale.

Sora no Woto is the thinking man's anime.
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What does her pee taste like?
poor man's Haibane Renmei
What was the purpose of the piss episode?

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