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Suck a bus.
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>supposedly succubus
>absolutely zero sex appeal

Explain this bullshit.
Get out

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What's your favorite type of anime fanservice?
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I want an anime that has girls wearing diapers.
This with them on top of each other with their asses facing you and their pussies lining up to where you can slide your dick between both at once.
Stupid face fanservice

Let's talk about my superior Waifu.
Try to dethrone her.
Pro-Tip: YOU CAN'T
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Bruh, I hate to be the one to tel you this, but your chinese drawn waifu aint real man. It's time for you to go outside and face the real world.
P.S. My waifu says your waifu is trash.
Fuck off Reifag

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Chapter 2 is out.

In another note, the LN project need help:
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Quite the conundrum. The fact that the LN scans are readily available is the main reason he hasn't dropped translations yet, and it'll be the main reason why he does end up dropping them in the end.

also, her advisor looked way younger than I thought he would in the manga.
Is this about retard who gets isekai'd and doesn't take any books on science and technology with him?
Yeah, not interested.
Its retarded, but I wonder if its an accurate example of what a Japanese Salaryman would do, just take a bunch of dvds of random craft shows instead of books. They don't have an active survivalist culture like the do in the west.

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literally Satsuki
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He's more handsome than Satsuki.
Ass not big enough
He says PIGS a lot too, doesn't he?

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I am brand new to anime and I love the fact that everyone has a waifu or husbando. I absolutely love Aiko (picture) but some of my friends say she is shit tiered. Can we talk about how Hiromi is actually the real shit tier and Aiko is fine?
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>trying to validate your waifu
>trying to validate your taste
>listening to what other people say about your waif
Its your waifu,tell them to take their opinion and shove it in their asses. You have to protect your waifu,if you really love her. No matter what.
But are you allowed to fap to your waifu?

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Who would you vote for to be the president of the country you live in?
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One would start wars just to fight them all by himself, the other would do nothing in the public eye and ultimately be forgotten.

He wouldn't get us nuked. He may be always late to the party, but at least he will take care of it.

Goku is also literally retarded.
The stronger guy.

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Pick 2.
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Ruri and Ayase.
Ayase and Kirino. But I'd rather just have Ayase twice.

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So, for some reason, I'm just now getting around to watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya, and I'm on the eigth episode of the Endless Eight arc. WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO?!?!?!?!
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Nothing, it's just a shitty gimmick made up for babby's first LN adaptation.
Good job OP, you can be proud that you have completed Endless Eight. Because Endless Eight is a pleb filter. Casuals can't understand it's deep creative merit.
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It took you eight episodes to ask this?

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What was Saber's tax policy?
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1 liter of cum per day
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At least post a better feet Saber.

Hory shit

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Which Live would you Date?
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The one with the hottest body.
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the cutest one
I want to fuck Tohka.

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So Madara was completely right, correct?

Naruto didnt end suffering or any of that shit? What was Naruto's point?
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try to end suffering
He didnt though. Fucking asshole.
Life is suffering. People unlike Madara put heavy responsibilities to their lives to have purpose. He was a nihilist, he believed everything eventually returns to nothingness and there is no point to life.

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What kind of differences would've occured if originally, Team 7 consisted of Hinata in Sakura's place?
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D-do you want me to go to fanfiction dot netto for that answer? Cause off the cuff I'd say I don't have many reservations on how it would be different as long as the core mechanics of Naruto stayed the same- akward kissing close ups and lesbians. Maybe she would have set him up with Gaara in a show of emotional maturity brought by bonding as a team and realized the depths of love beyond simple crushes? Or lesbian on centerfold-no-jutsu gangbang co-starring a still alive Haku, it's cool with me right now-ish.
>When you need that special someone and your best enemy-roomates back
>Hey there stalker-chan
Naruto would fall in love with her in the chunnin arc.
what if sasuke liked hinata?

Honest opinion on Kyochuu Rettou?
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is it porn?
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No. The author and artist just like to pose it as such.
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it's a bug thing.png
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Will anime be saved?
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this looks like a mistake
More like deconstruction of loli anime. Can any LN fags tell if this will be as lewd as Ro-Kyu-Bu?
looks more like you have shit taste

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