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Chitose is angry. How do I get her to forgive me?
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Don't. Go for Momoka.
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Moody and brooding girls are pretty hot.
I would buy Chitose a nice designer bag whenever she got angry at me

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Who is their best director?

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Yamada's on a roll as director now. Kigami's my favorite episode director though.
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Not the loser.
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Their direction is pretty homogeneous all around to be honest, with directors like Shitbo, Ikuhara, Anno, Shitkai, Miyazaki, Imaishi, etc, you get a clear style that is different from the rest, this isn't the case with KyoAni.

Aside from Kigami, that usually likes going for silent-ish and atmospheric moods, and of course a lot of sakuga, all KyoAni directors are pretty much the same.

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What are the themes of this show?
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Nobody old enough to have watched that show still posts here.

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Rate my wife.
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Smug and petite /10
Literally who?
Her sister is better/10

What the fuck am I watching ?
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An anime that is not very christian.

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What do you do when a loli is trying to tempt you out of your wizard powers?
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They are simply too powerful now, there is nothing we can do.

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Time for stuff

53: You are

[Right] Everything I learned with you
[Left] Goes on top of you
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"Okay, aaahhhn"
[Side] His body is perfect!!
"There's no problem with your chin"

"I'm sorry, I can't see you all off"
"But please do your best from now on"

"Yes! Thank you so much!"
"Ah, oh yeah, Shinobu-san"

"There's one more thing I want to ask..."
"What is it?"
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"Have you heard about the 'Dance of the Fire God' before?"
"I haven't"

"So how about fire breaths......"

"I haven't"

Tanjirou explained his circumstances from the beginning
Hm hm

"I see"
"So you used your father's fire breaths for some reason"
"You may understand something if you ask a fire breath user"
"Uh huh"

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Who's ready for [email protected] Million Live?
Pic related is best [email protected]
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Forgot link.

>Baba only appeared in two short scenes
Well, finally seeing her animated is happy. Still no full anime though.
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dont like 15.png
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The only reason I accept it is the possibility of OG 765 cameos

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>Code Geass S3
>Kino no Tabi S2
>There are actually people who think TTGL S2 isn't being made RIGHT NOW.
Lmao, y'all retarded.
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You're retarded.
Remake done by Trigger is possible. But no, trying a S2 would ruin the ending, which I totally hate by the way
> the final fight is on the scale of the universe.

It's impossible to do more than that.

So yeah you are retarded.

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>2 similar looking characters from the exact same series have the same birthday
What were the odds?
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I'd say about 1 in 250
arent they robots or something

What did she mean by this?
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It's just memesubs, she said "netorare" which is actually completely different
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she said you are an idiot for relying on crunchylol
She is calling herself a cuck because Tohru and Koboyashi are fucking like mad while she is forced to watch.

Everyone asks what makes good anime good, but what makes bad anime bad?
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Things happen in it that I don't like.
What makes any work of media bad? More negative elements then positive elements to make up for them.
>but what makes bad anime bad?

According to /a/ the quality of an anime is determined by the quality of it's fanbase and by how much Reddit or MAL likes it.

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How did she grow up to be such a cheerful, healthy and beautiful virgin maiden?
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Dunno, but I dunno why she hangs around with her obese sister. Must be a charity case. How nice of her.
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regular dickings are a lot better for girls than you would imagine. it helps them become wonderful mothers or abominable sluts, both are nice

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Don't even try to dispute this, she even had the worst route
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The RaiNet Battler shit was terrible but the rest was fine + established that Faris can be cute if she dropped the cat maid shit I guess.

I preferred it to Lukako's route, and he was a she for that route (the character is shit in general anyway though)
Fucking thank you. Every moment with Faris in it was a moment I wanted to pass as soon as possible. She was actively bringing down the game for me.
SO if you remove half of her route then it's decent?

yap worst route confirmed

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Are pear shaped girls always best?
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Only if they're flat and slender but with dem hips.
Yep sounds like pear shape.
>Ass/Thighs focused figure
Yes. Yes it is.

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