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why is kaworu there
I was thinking "oh, it's a Eva 4.0 never joke" from the thumbnail, then I opened the image and still thought the character were from Eva until I had a good look at the girl. Though I was confused as to who the top left guy could be.
And I actually watched this show.
Isn't the manga like a million chapters?

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Is there any Kirara girl that can beat Yagami Kou in a fist fight?
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Ahago- I mean Umiko-San would destroy that autistic cheater.
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Shes's a sniper, not a brawler.
I wonder what the sex between those two is like. Umiko seems like someone that would have a bunch of pent up sexual frustration. Poor Nene will have to take it all at once.

This is a Japanese orange.
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This is a Japanese orange's girlfriend!
Why was the first live so great?
I want to chikan Chika's mikans!

Say something nice about my wife-kanojo-imouto Megu.
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Her voice isn't that annoying with a good set of earplugs.
Her armpit must be impregnated
Her *unny must be unbelievably soft.

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Was this a masterpiece?
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definitely not
No, it's really good though. You just think that because there's a lack of anime about twentysomethings.
People call everything a masterpiece these days. The word has completely lost its meaning.

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How can this many people willingly accepted to be turned into titans for all eternity?

Where does the deviant titans comes from?

Who are the slaves in the "East Slave fortress"?
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What makes the Jaw titan different from the Attack Titan?
He has a strong jaw duh
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Eren can grow fists, and tools maybe he could make a mask in the future

Is this true?
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Depends on the time of year.
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>weed lmao I wanna be tang it's the best for the human race bro

>wow everyone dies the end. how boring and stupid

>one of the best motion pictures in existence

What is the correct opinion
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replying this bait with more bait: this is actually one of the best motion pictures in existence
Can we have waifuwars? I'm bored.
Kaworu > Shinji >>>>>>>>>>> Asuka >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Rei
Kaworu > Misaka > Asuka > Rei

Neptunia season 2 fucking when?
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For what purpose
For more NEP
Hopefully never.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.
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I don't like it
but I love you all

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how come this is not getting discussed more? I've seen 1 thread today and it died almost intantly. reading this is such a fun ride. binged all 50 translated chapters.

considering this isnt being mentioned on a at all, is there anything else like this? a gem that isnt being discussed?
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is this edge shit?
its not edgy. more over the top and far from any of your typical shounen or edge shit. its kinda stupid but very fun.

also the girls have the softest tiddies and craziest eyes. awsome artstyle imo
>I like shit art ironically

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I DRIVE .jpg
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I don't get this. What the fuck was Spike problem?
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The real problem is that no one of follow him
He was possess of a eye without being real
Was he a real human bean?

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How did she lose her legs again?
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That's not Subaru. That's Tsukasa.
you sure I remember Tsukasa being a blue-haired chick?
You are mixing up Tsukasa and Subaru. That in the OP is Tsukasa.

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>"Waaa I'm gonna give this autistic speech to two chicks minding their own business."
>"You girls are being meanie weenies because you have private conversations."
>"Waa, I'm gonna flip everything I just said and basically turn this into a pointless and horrendously awkward conversation that didn't need to happen.
>Sad music starts playing
>Such character development
>Much feels had by the autist
>Snow chick apologizes because she's also got the auts.

Other than that I'm enjoying this harem Anime. How about you goys?
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As a side note here is a pic
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Can you really call something a harem when there's only one possible winner?
This show sucks, I was already 3 episodes in when I wanted to drop it so I've just been watching this at 30x speed.

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What the fuck is happening today
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But that's an overseas release.
>just bought the DVDs

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