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Why is straight shota allowed?
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because deep down in every man's heart, he wanted to fuck mature women and spread his seed the second he was able to produce semen. Every day since puberty that was wasted doing anything but impregnating someone will always feel wasteful in the end.
Or maybe it's just because I always wanted to be raped by a 40 something year old when I was young
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Because age of consent is an arbitrary construct and humans reach sexual maturity somewhere between age 10-12.

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What does /a/ think abot this animu?
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It's shit.
Should have based the designs off the manga. Should have done a full season instead of 12 episodes. Felt like they crammed 3 or 4 episodes worth of material into the final one.
Only watched it to sate my Spice and Wolf cravings.

It was pretty decent, though.

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Post muscular /a/ girls. The bigger the better.
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Its impossible for girls to be really muscular without steroids though.

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>there's no anime about growing bonsai trees or gardening

Why live.
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Why would you watch an anime about that, it doesn't take that much effort and is more enjoyable to do yourself.
Kyoukai no Kanata's MC's quirk was that she liked bonsai trees. God that anime was such shit though.
>tfw no anime about watching paint dry

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Just about to marathon the first episode, what am I in for>
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If you aren't already a lolicon, you will be.
Mitsuboshi Colors ripoff

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Kumiko is so ugly.
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Look at that Kumiko

Just look at her
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Yuuko hijacks the thread
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Don't make fun of my girlfriend.

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ITT: 10/10 girls in bad shows
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>Aki fails to recognize her previously fat beloved childhood friend
>Yoshino recognized him IMMEDIATELY

best gril
top meido
She's as bad as the rest. Delicious, though.
kizu no honkai

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Hey guys

I know we don't agree on things too often, but can we at least agree that Suou is the best DTB girl?
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Never seen it but that picture alone gives it to me. Best girl.
I think everyone can accept that Ryuusei was good now that it's been 20 years
My daughter Suou is so cute.

What is /a/'s opnion on New Game! ?
And who is best girl?
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best girl
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Volume 21 was fully translated yesterday! Thanks again Warnis! Let's discuss the series and latest volume shall we? Let's keep the thread alive!
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Volume 21 was awesome. Theia is mai waifu, I so want to be her knight!
Is this the start of a new arc or a stand-alone volume?
They finally returned to Fortorthe to take out the military. It's the Yurika performs atmospheric reentry volume.

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I love you /a/
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you're waifu is shit
I'm not sure if I like Funabori more or Tama.
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>ywn have your waifu break all the laws of the universe will herself unto the 3D plane you exist on to confess her love to you
>you will never brutally and sadistically murder her immediately afterwards for becoming 3D

I... I was not ready to feel.
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I wanted titties you faggot, don't you ever come back here without some phat jiggly titties to post up again.
Why are translations soo slow? Last chapter was full of feels.
I still wondering who was the brave soul who knocked her up.

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Anyone else read this? I read it off a whim because I'm into body switching stuff, but it was honestly really fucking good. Its the only thing I've seen from Oshimi Shuzo in anime or manga, so was wondering if his other stuff is worth viewing.

Also opinions on Boku wa Mari no Naka?
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Pretty good.
>other stuff
I only read up for the kiss. But everything by him is good. Shino-chan is one of his best.
It was fucking shit.

Fucking waste of time.

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Who has the best banter in anime?
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Friendship? Those two are soul mates on the level of Shinobu and Araragi.

And speaking of banter, pic related.
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oh, you guys live in house of glass.

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Give Nano advice. Living as a robot who doesn't want to be discovered isn't easy.
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Face it honey, you're Screwed
I don't know why, but I want to fuck her from behind while turning the crank in her back.
Good advice.

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