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>walk in room
>see this smug little bitch sniffing you're waifu's panties
What do?
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Overpower and have my way with her. it's just a little girl anyway.
Buy her bluray's and become her slave.
there is only one thing to do

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Will RA see each other again before they die?
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First for Annie
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Endgame right here, brothers.
AM is love.

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There is literally nothing wrong with being a secondary.
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In regards to [email protected], yeah. I'll watch/read the various anime and manga though.
You guys don't truly love your waifu. If you did you'll learn Japanese for her and go through her obscure source material in the name of true love.
Being a secondary is fine so as long as you don't spout out your fragmented opinions.

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Closet you've ever come to killing yourself during an anime? Pic related, it's mine.
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>Title is not colored

What did they mean by this?
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Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun.
I already can guess the end game drama, something about her understanding him(which was the crux of his crush towards Nakano) being all false due to her being able to read his mind
>tfw the mangaka was cheating

Is the anime actually good?
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Short answer is no. it's painfully overrated in japan and even here in the west now. This is causing a divided fan base on whether or not the show is any good. Personally I didn't like it after watching 4 episodes I found that it just wasn't for me.
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Standard answer applies.
It's shit.
Don't watch it.

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It was all about escapism, wasn't it?
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It's about learning to accept others and yourself.
the idea is that forming connections with other people is worthwhile despite the fact that they come at the risk of pain


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I was asking about fantastic fiction that draws its lore from the Kabbalah, and somebody recommended this show. I've never heard of it, and I binged /a/'s rec charts a few years back. Any strong opinions on it? They compared it to Eva, which didn't do enough of what I'm after IMO.

Somebody also recommended 666 Satan/O-Parts Hunter, if that's a hot topic.
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meme show only remembered for its OP song
Aquarion has a really good premise and setting, but with passable execution. You're more drawn to the exposition and background than to the characters themselves.
If it makes you feel better, after it you can watch Aquarion Evol and laugh at the series, and then rage because best boy dies and best girl loses.

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I just watched episode 1 of this.

>taking your bike into your hotel room
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It's to prevent theft.
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>a full year or more of "Hey guise I just watched this episode of KnT, please explain it to me" posts

Is this the worst ending of all time?
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just cuck my shit up.jpg
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not even close
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as ayumi fan i hated it completely but i think was the best ending for that manga

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Will there be another season sometime soon?
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First, for best boy pf the series
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Seems to be a mistake in your post, son. Don't worry, I got it.
Wait, did this end or did the scanlation stop?

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Now that Berserk has a return date, when is Gigantomaxia going to be continued?

I really liked it even if Delos seems like a stock shounen protagonist.
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Her peeing in his face constantly was stupid.
Other than that it was alright. Liked it more than Berserk.
>>Her peeing in his face constantly was stupid.
She only pied on his face once tho. She threatened to do it another time and made him drink her "piss" another other time but she only pied on him once.
>Now that Berserk has a return date
It does? What date is it?

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Looks like we only need Takagi-san anime now.
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we'll have to get by with netsuzou trap for our ntr fix for now
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Only if it's done by Doga or Kyoani.
Doga would be a better fit, but they never do a S2.

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Think they will ever make a season 2 of this? Im an anime pleb but i really enjoyed this show, just curious
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Well there making a opm season 2 so it's not totally out the realm of possibilities.
It's popular, there's a good chance
If they do you won't see season 2 until atleast late 2018

New episode out.
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Do you mean tea time?
Shit show, so glad it bombed hard
Downloading it.
Is it fun again?

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