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So what does /a/ think about this mango?
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Copper pussied out.
is that an opinion?
I literally finished this. Why does every mango I like fizzle out towards the end? The ultradyke was the worst

And what do you people think of the author's new manga?

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What was her name again, /a/?
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slutty mcslutterslut
best girl of one of the best hentai ova's in recent memory.
>best hentai ova's in recent memory.
Lol no

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This anime you had no idea was going to air next season just got a PV.
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This was that anime original show from feel, right?
same studio as Grimgar?
I liked how gimmickless the premise was when I first heard about it. Seems like the romance is front and centre. Was hoping for a coming-of-age story with a bit of romance on the side.

Is K-On an arthouse anime?
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It's the Berserk of SOL anime
it's the keeping up with the kardashians of anime
It defined an era

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characters you can't get enough of

stereotypical kung fu dudes

kung fu clothes

over the top names for their moves

hong kong actor references

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Pico x Chico
The balanced strongman. You know the character, he is always preceded by the big fat heavy guy, the thin fast guy and the weak smart guy. And he's always stronger than those three combined.
Grt off to?

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>The perfect waifu doesn't exis-
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Should've stayed this way desu~
I want Lotte to suffer.
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It's hard to self-insert if she ends up with Frank.
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frank lotte.png
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are the girls and guys in LWA supposed to be the same age? the girls look 12~14 while the guys look 20+, I don't understand why they keep pushing romance between them

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Why did the Shonen Jump rushed the end of Toriko and Bleach? Was that to make room for new series? Was that even worth? None of the new series even look good.
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Toriko always looked stupid as fuck, not at all helped by it so painfully obviously riding the coattails of infinitely more popular manga.

Bleach went on far too long and wasn't even that great to begin with.
Those new series are shit for sure, except neverland.
Toriko and Bleach weren't good but it didn't feel like tons of axe bait + one mystery manga was worth purging them.

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anime fucking when
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This is much more fun than Liar game.
you really didnt hear?

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Do you ever wonder if you're watching too much anime?
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>actually watching anime
What are you, some kind of degenerate?
I watch anime ironically
Shut up and walk me home gently, big boy.

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Was this the best OP of 2016?

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Nah, there were many other contenders for that title, like High Free Spirits or Contrail ~Kiseki~. Even Redo was better than that.
Fuck off moefag
Another contender

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Whats the cost to make a season of berserk ?

& if its cheap why haven't people fan funded it through kickstarter people fan funded shitter stuff on kickstarter

> most people been reading this series for years time to give back
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That's alot of money, i'm sure Berserk 2016 is about two thirds under that budget.
>one of the biggest praised mangas ever
>everyone wanted an anime, because of the artstyle and story
>let´s make it 3D, because 3D is selling so fucking well and is popular

The only fucking good cartoon/anime on 3D is the turtles series from nick.

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Was he right about this?
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Yes. If girls aren't nice, then guys wouldn't misunderstand. Fuck, I hate nice girls.
>I never talk to girls so if a girl decides to talk to me I will automatically assume that she's in love with me

other way around

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Can someone (without memeing) explaing what the fuck is going on in this show?

I watched it like 10 years ago and rewatched it recently and i still have no fucking idea what the fuck was going on.

Is it 2deep4me or what?
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A young boy who acts mature meets an older woman who acts very immature. She tries to make him more manly only for them both to find out he's not as old as he acts and there are some things he's just not ready for.
>older woman

but shes like 18?

Say something nice.
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What a disgrace to the demon race, absolutely disgusting.
She can't even throw a homer.
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Shut your mouth, kike.

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