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Just finished nekomonogatari
Definitely the best arc of the series so far.

But why did Rrrg convince himself that he didn't love Hanekawa, I finally understand why they belong together, and yet he sticks with crab? Why?

Why does Niseoisin do this
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I didn't really see it explained, though I stopped watching after the time travel arc in S2.

From what I understood it was some combination of perhaps only being in love with the ideal of her being some kind of perfect woman, to it coming down to the simple fact that crab asked him out first and they're committed now.

But what do I know, I didn't finish the show yet.
Combination of low self-esteem, exaggerated opinion of Hanekawa and the fact that he's already committed to a relationship and doesn't want to admit he fucked up
I'm just starting S2
It just seems so strange, that they've both now saved each other and understand one another on a much deeper level.
And they've always been attracted, emotionally or otherwise to being with eachother.
It seems so strange to deny himself
Neko comes before Bake, he hadn't met Senjougahara yet when Neko ends and the crisis is resolved. He decides before he's committed.
But I think the low self-esteem part is probably a huge part of it for both of them

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Everyone keeps claiming how wonderful Mawaru Penguindrum is. I had it downloaded for more than two years now and finally decided it's time I watch this supposed masterpiece.

And I am disappointed as fuck. Is this only about 3deep5u pretentious shit, garbage humor, incest and shitty romance, artsy shit without any substance?

Someone explain to me why this anime is called a masterpiece. As far as I am concerned it is so trashy I can't be bothered to finish it.
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Finish the show fucboi.
Just finish it. The show just goes full circle when you finish it.

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Make a wish upon the /a/ monkey paw, what could go wrong?
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A new season of Berserk.
>now with more boat
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guess what comes back

This is a lot better, isn't it /a/?
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Only if she's just as retarded as in the anime so she has no idea how sexual she is.
Of course. Since her human for is magically generated, she simply copied Tohru more closely.

>no lewding the loli dragon
>loli dragon is for CUTE
>getting rid of thicc thighs and attaching useless massive cow tits
>making her way too tall

>being this much of a faggot

why are you even not dead yet

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koi wa amaagari.png
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What does /a/ think about couples where the man is much older than the girl? I like them, and is shame there are a lot of this kind of manga untraslated.
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Holy shit that's a long neck.
Isn't that takumi's dad
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>What does /a/ think about couples where the man is much older than the girl?
I think it's great. In fact, I think it should be the norm.

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Chapter 135. Needs proofreading.

Old threads:

>>153027307 Up to 130
>>153180176 Up to 138
>>153382427 Up to 143
>>153463005 Up to 147
>>153545027 148
>>153580728 Up to 152
>>153728426 Up to 154
>>153847601 155
>>153860486 Up to 157
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There was one earlier with the proof reading but it got Archived
Why is she so chubby
She's a big girl

What the actual fuck? Who thought this ending was a good idea? This is downright depraved.
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The entire series is terrible, I don't see why you are surprised.
The writer of the last episode and no one else. Season 2 never ever. This and flip flappers were the biggest disappointments of last year.
The first half was great.

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>Code Geass R3
>Overlord S2 (By MADHOUSE)
>Kino remake
>Index S3

What the fuck happened?

What are we getting next?
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Meme magic knows no limits we changed timelines when Trump was elected
hype as fuck for more code geass
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Konosuba S3

is this the perfect size?
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I bet she's 88, which is damn fucking right.
If its enough where you can just about cup it all in your hands its perfect.
Just round it to 90, that is perfection.

What lies between a girl's navel and vagina?
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finger belly.gif
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uterus or something idk
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the uterus,duh
my dick

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Is this accurate?
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>characters die permantrly
The chart isn't accurate for Konosuba, Log Horizon, Re:Zero and SAO, I haven't watched the other ones
No where the fuck did you get that from?

Better late than never.
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Oh wow, you're back, thanks for the upload
I thought you were dead.
Death and Rebirth.

Check out also the 720p HEVC version I'm working on:

It's on the 720p folder.

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Brown girl from We Can't Study is unimaginably thirsty.
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>nigger ALMOST fucks up Rizu chapter

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*takes a look at the front page of /a/*

Where is he when we need him the most?
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We don't deserve him
Fuck off.

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