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I really wonder what the fuck are they planning to do with two episodes left.
Seems they're going to make an original ending.

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>my hips are moving on their own!
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>today is a safe day
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>I'll get pregnant!!
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>joke character who always has his eyes closed, opens them to get serious
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That one Bleach fag
Majin Boo
>to initiate the final stage of your master plan, adjust your glasses

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Give me beer and classic rock CDs

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only a month left until we get to see best girl win
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Iroha a best. A BEST.

Yuckyno a shit. A SHIT.
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Best girl Yukino is going to win though.
Anyone who thinks otherwise to this is a low level newfag or a pleb. Yukino end is OTP and most likely short of MC picked none of the girls.

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You don't want to feel pretty, OP?
you dont put on fancy boxers with waifu on it ?
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>he doesn't have fancy pantsu

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Holy shit /a/, is this the coolest protagonist of all fucking time? How can he so fucking cool holy shit
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Because he has the best mom in the world
Ironic shitposting is still shitposting
He is actually the coolest protagonist i've even seen, whats wrong with you?

would you punch her if you had the chance?
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I'd punch her in the vagina with my dick.
No, I'd much rather be her there.

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> finding out that season 2 is 24 eps
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I need more Favaro in my life.
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Nyanko is lies
>Nyanko days
>It's not about cute Nyans doing Ko things daily at all
>It's yuribait shitfest between two awful ningen
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Is Tamako a well written character?
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She's a Mary Sue.
Solid as her show.

tamako market:
>muh mochi
>hey look this bird can talk, ah well
>this literally who girl shows up at my house, ah well she can stay for as long as she needs
>this literally who guy just said i might be his bride and to come with him to a random fucking pacific island, let me think about it for a few episodes instead of just saying "wtf no"

tamako love story:
>mochizou said he loves me what did he mean by this
>lets just think about it for about an hour of screen time
>oh wait he comforted me once when i was like 5
>guess we're in love now lol

I want to make Akari-chan a single mom!
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I'm surprised to see people still watching this.
Same but with Momo.

Please don't say things like that about my wife.

What is /a/ consensus on ReLIFE? I just finished it and to my surprise I enjoyed it a lot. Characters were pretty nice, especially MC. I laughed a lot. Drama parts were believable. Music was great. And the ending really made me want to pick up the manga (webcomic?) version. I heard anime adapted over 100 chapters in those 13 episodes - that's a lot! Was much stuff skipped?

How did anime sell? What are the chances of getting second season?
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I was able to connect well with the wish to go back and the general autism
anime was good, second season most likely never.
If you want to pick up the manga wait until the current arc is over, i don't think the content is bad but is just too slow paced.
The manga got boring as shit. Literally nothing happens.

Why was .hack//SIGN the only good mmo anime?

Why didn't Yureka get an anime adaption?
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I've always wanted to get into .hack// I was pretty interested in the games but they're impossible to get nowadays. I've been told sign has a lot of talking in it so I kinda stayed away
You could try looking for the pal versions, they are cheaper and easier to get. Or you could pirate, the ps2 is pretty hacked nowadays.

The series definitely has lots of talking, the best points are the atmosphere and godlike soundtrack. .hack//roots had more action but the soundtrack wasn't as good
>godlike soundtrack
did it use songs like links
I tried playing the first gu game although I beat it emulating it was mess may never try that again I mean I did use a toaster though. In roots is haseo played by sasuke like he was in the games.

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