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Whos your favorite artist
Mines Takatsu.
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I'm not into the gay stuff but I like the way he draws brown girls.
Ao Banana is a top contender for me on new artist but long time artist I would guess Meme50 whenever he does those really nice one that has no scat or vomit.
He is too obscure, you probably have never heard of him.

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I have one unpleasant OP memory. It was watching that atrocity of a filler arc.

no. I have very bad teeth
Yes. And I fucking loved that filler arc

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You can say what you will about how the anime handled the Chimera Ant arc's pacing, but you can't deny that the direction wasn't always on point for all the big moments.
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there's already a thread up, niglet
I forget, who was the animation director that did 116 and the Uvogin fight?
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I unironically thought they would skip the narrator in the anime, because it felt like he just did it in the manga so he wouldn't have to draw well and show what was actually going on
Nice that it's a close adaption I guess, but in a way I wish they didn't do it like that

Hayao Miyazaki > Masaaki Yuasa > Sunao Katabuchi > Keiichi Hara > Mamoru Hosoda > Naoko Yamada > Wataru Takahashi > Hiromasa Yonebayashi > Yasuhiro Takemoto > Shouko Nakamura > Tatsuya Oishi > Makoko Shinkai
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>Satoshi Kon isnt even on the fucking list
for shame, OP
Other than the first I don't know none of them

What was wrong with this girl?
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She wasn't chuuni enough.
>you will never fuck this chuuni
Just end me now.
She was fun. You hate fun.

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Why don't I hate Levi as much as EMA?
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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Because he does it for free.
I hope Armin gets a death similar to Bert's. He deserves it.

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Has there ever been a cuter senpai?
No. There hasn't.
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about time he asked her out
They started going out?

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>You will never solve a geometry problem with Kuro.
Why live?
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What the fuck is "elementary geometry"
That's definitely not a 70 degree angle
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For this problem, it basically means no sin, cos, tan, etc.

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>she sees your anime folder
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>she sees your 24 TB NAS full of anime
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It's just 7 TB.

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Can anyone beat a Japanese truck that infects others with the Japanese cold?
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Sorry, did you say something?

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Dunno if edit anon's here. I guess I'll do some Imouto chapters.

Last imouto chapter should be linked in the last monday thread
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Excuse me the SYD thread needs that Suzu back
Well, you're getting it tomorrow.

My brother's in puberty too

"Onii-chan, the tissues have been dwindling quickly as of late"
"I won't ask what you're using them for, but save them up"

"I can't help it"
I'm being serious
"Of course men would have an interest in the other gender" [Emphasize 'other gender']

"Interest in sleep ejaculation?" [Emphasize 'sleep ejaculation'. There's a pun between 異性(isei) - opposite gender & 遺精 (isei) - involuntary night ejaculation. Help would be nice]
"Uhhh... I'm gonna look up what that means in a dictionary, so wait a minute"

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what went wrong? he had everything he could possibly want.
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He didn't put his grasses on
Then everything went wong

Do head pats even feel nice?
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Depends on whether the person is good at it or not.
Some feel good, some don't.
Why fuck are you asking me, I don't even know what other people feel like.
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Are you talking about receiving or giving them?

Just finished Claymore for the first time, and you all were right, the ending was awesome.
But why do so many great looking manga suffer from stupid writing? You'd think that with the amount of time and effort that these artists are putting into these stories they'd want to get an actual writer or editor to help them with the story and dialogue.
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>the ending was awesome.
I mean glad you liked it that much, but it wasnt great. I guess Theresa saved the whole thing, canon wise and the manga ending itself. To answer your question, most mangakas draw and write the story, that leads to mistakes one way or another, its one of the major factors for shit story. Another big factor is the editors, as you said. Keep in mind nip culture is very closed minded, so most of the times the editors just go OUR REPUTATION IS AT STAKE, STORY GOES AS I SAY IT GOES, which guarantees sales in Japan but like 70% of the times the story quality drops a lot. Getting a writer is kind of a luxury, because writer-artist relationship needs to be very profesional or bro-tier, its really hard to achieve. Either the artist dislikes what he's doing or the writer dislikes the innevitable in-universe limitations brought by the artists/assistants, like the inhability to portray a certain scene properly.
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This manga needed more Isley
Theres a fine line between brilliant and breaking suspension of disbelief.

To grasp the audience you need to be fresh with your ideas, but inevitably some of those ideas are too radical for the reader. SnK is a pretty good example of this. People who drop it complain about different twists and reveals.

And also because some people just suck, but want to do it their way.

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What's the point of these things?

to dook
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What's the point of these things?

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