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It was a pretty good series. Bonus points that it actually finished and did it nicely too.
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For a story about death games in some magic world, it was very human. Gets high points in my book.
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Solid writing, the Author was able to build up a great cast and utilize them all to tell a very personal story. I agree that having a nice ending is a huge plus, so many series peter out at the end or jump the gun.

Overall there were a lot of creative scenarios and being able to shift perspective helped out in the long run. The unanswered questions don't bother me as much as it would in other mysteries but that's a plus because of the ending theme of moving on. 10/10 would dump for 4chan if I could be arsed to rip the translations.
Shit ending. I don't know why people like it was all a dream ending.
I could write a better ending by making them all a mental hospital patient and they are just cray cray and imagining things. In the end they will be cured of their mental problems.

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If you had your own harem, do you think you can love every girl equally or will you ultimately fall in love with just the one?
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if I had my own harem, I would teach them about homosexuality and masturbation. My harem needs to be self-reliant.
I hate having to deal with people. Romantic involvement with people is even worse.

I want to rip her band-aid off with my teeth
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tell me anons, why doesn't she wear pantsu?
Too expensive.
im sure ragi already has

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Not much of incident would ever happen in this series if Akko wasn't an idiot and Sucy wasn't a bitch. Still love em both though.
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God, I hate Diana

So glad she made a damn fool of herself

Fuck her
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Would the series be better if not every episode was focused on Akko or her point of view for everything?
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Diana is the best

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I just started catching up. Watching episode 8 and the movie theater thing really got to me when it got to Sucy's "best memory". She really treasures meeting Akko and it was tooth-rottingly sweet until Lotte died like that girl in Akira.
>"Just close your eyes and think about Chariot, Akko..."
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Oh yea, that part was really quite nice.

Shame that the shrooms growing out of her fingers gave me fucking trypophobia and I cringed for the rest of the episode.

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I will MARRY this witch.
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too late, she's already expired

Ursula is mine!

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Good taste, lads.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I already like it
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But I don't like the fish
I like you!

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Early spoilers this week

Text spoilers should pop up later tonight

What are you expecting?
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Introducing the judges, talking about rules and theme, and no actual cooking.
9 chapters of Souma, Isshiki and Megishima off screened.

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3 and a half years later she's still best girl who had the last laugh.

S2 when? I need more of Nui's wild ride.

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Thread needs some clones.

Still not as good as fluffy Gab.
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Why is Gabriel so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
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What do you do /a/?
My wife is very fluffy thank you.

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This is your drunken Russian tonight, what do?
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Treat her to a parfait slathered all over her body
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How old is Kino?
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Old enough to make you bleed if you try anything funny.
Old enough to be my wife.
Is she, I say /ourkino/?

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It's time.
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Idol time?
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for wot

Anime needs more cute girls with piercings.
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i think you mean we need more motivated protags who can put foot to ass not just on the physical spectrum but physiological as well
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Why is she so perfect?
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Cute, pale skin, lots of ear piercings that suit her look, probably has nipple rings.

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If you're not on the Japari Bus by now then you don't know what you're missing. It's not too late to get on board.
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Where do i start?
Start by getting amnesia while you're on safari.
Don't forget to bring a bag with you.

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