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Whoms't would win in a fight
Hanayama or Jack?
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Yujiro against both at the same time
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Unfortunately, probably Jack. I fucking love Hanayama man, I wish he was more relevant.
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The recent OVA was good. I especially liked the way the opening animated a lot of pages of the manga.

And speaking of manga, I'm planning to start reading the manga (I have only watched the anime and the OVAs). It's normal that it starts with Baki fighting in a tournament instead of him has a 13 year old boy fighting against 100 students?

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Why does Ursula look like such a fucking slut?
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Because she is one.
because its fun to ride on a chariot
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>she will never ride your shining chariot

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How can we make anime great again?
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same show, same episode even
I want to pull Akko's top down.
Me too! I want to humiliate her in front of everyone and have them burn Akko's pink nipples into their memory for later use!

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daddy found out.png
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What will happen when Gappy finds out that Jobin has been putting his girl in lethal amounts of heat?
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Just finished Part 4.

Holy shit, Jojo is such a great deconstruction of the shonuen genre and does things so differently. Kira was a very intellectually stimulating villain and made me think a a lot. No other manga comes close.
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Part 5 is a reconstruction of the tropes and the most generically shonen Part of the whole series. It plays every trope straight, subverts none of them and even has Jesus as a protagonist that cannot lose and is impossible because le fate

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These are your chefs tonight
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All I need is Erina.
All I want is Alice.

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kc inaba dicks.jpg
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How do you feel about girls who appear slutty? It seems they've become more popular lately
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This is me. Literally me.
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Dick craving sluts are the best, especially loli ones.
I like seductive girls who spaghetti if you call their bluff and try to fuck them

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Make or request /a/rt
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Old >>154512956
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Online stupidity.png
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Requesting Annie camwhoring using Mirai's account and Mirai freaking out over the comments/in general.
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Kaori Yurika.jpg
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Requesting Kaori Miyazono dressed as Yurika from Project Justice: Rival Schools

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Is Konosuba AOTY?
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atrocity of the year
That'd be Re:Zero.
Needs more actual campaigning and less side stuff unless they plan on making it like a 15 season show.

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This is Mugino. Say something nice to her!
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Breeding stock tier.

A shame she's genuinely insane.
Youre a psychopath
Thats one of her redeeming qualities!

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is the climate baton the worst weapon in anime?
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I feel like it could be a cool concept but the vagueness of how it actually works makes it just seem like retardo magic via lazy writing.
I don't care if it's retarded or the worst, I'd just like to be that baton so I could sit inbetween Nami's rack right now.
It'd be a better weapon if it were in the hands of someone allowed to use it.

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>Anon, you have to tell us a bedtime story or else we can't sleep
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Thats mama anon to you little loli.
Once upon a time, there was a nine tailed demon fox...
Once upon a time there was a penis...

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yande.re 386170 re-creators.jpg
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Are you guys going to watch next Aoki Ei's trainwreck with Rei Hiroe?
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Leave anime to me.jpg
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Depends, is our guy also working on it?
Is this a sequel to the masterpiece anime Re:Zero?
Yomi ;_;

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Tensei Shitara Ken deshita.png
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>oh look, a decently interesting fantasy story about an orphan catgirl slave finding a magical talking sword in the woods
>then all of a sudden this page
Can't they even write a decent fantasy story anymore without shoving friggin JRPGs and isekai tensei mumbojumbo into it for no reason?
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That was pretty much all there was for you know, the 50 or so fucking YEARS of anime before SAO.

You should be thanking God something new is actually happening.
>lol kys
Fuck off, Facebook.
Well, it has a more or less unique twist - we're a sword. I enjoyed the little amount we already have translated.

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Japaricon Chart #1-ranked musical artist!
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Finally, new one up. Can at last hit the hay.
He's probably a Friend who likes to leave threads open overnight to check when he wakes up in the morning.
at least that's what I do.

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Holy shit she's cute.jpg
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Holy fucking shit Yukari is cute whenever she has one of her laughing fits
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This is one of those shows I enjoy but don't really understand.
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C6cT8ZnU0AArCRX.jpg orig.jpg
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Posting Yuzu hugging a pillow.

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