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Country roads...
Take me home
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West virginia is one of the shittiest states in the US.

It's barely better than South Dakota.
The best Ghibli movie along Kiki delivery Service. Mononoke and Spirited Away are overrated.

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It's still Monday where I live, so why not post Best Girl?

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>why not post Best Girl
Why don't you?
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I just did. What are you implying?

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OP Friends.png
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This isn't as important as Kino, but it's still pure kino.
The new /a/ sings is done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MeHBTjUlXs

There are all sorts of fun things happening this year. So what's in store for /a/? Ghost in the shell looks like a good excuse to visit some older songs, FLCL is getting a new season, Lucky star is hitting 10 years old.
Throw me some suggestions.
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Hold up. Copyright. I'll fix this.
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In the meantime: https://clyp.it/hbqv1a4t
Jewtube strikes again.

Can Aqua ever do a right without balancing it out with a wrong?
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Does a bear shit in the woods?

Can Megumin ever not make me precum?
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Stupid sexy Megumeme

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Don't know why I finished it. I couldn't look away from this train wreck

that ending was worse than I imagined
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in remembrance of best gril
Game adaptations suck.
Be it /co/ or /a/, it always just does.

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The start of fall of the empire of evil (Rustal, Iok, Julieta and Gaelio).
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Reminder that Atra's pregnancy is not confirmed, and the default is that she is NOT pregnant until confirmed. Any allusions to her being pregnant or confirmed pregnant are shitposting and not to be treated as canon; in fact, they should be ignored entirely.
Starting early for the (you)s huh. You should have thrown in your usual Yamagi isn't gay, it'd get you more bites
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Except that Yamagi IS gay and that's confirmed. Atra is NOT confirmed and therefore NOT pregnant. See how that works? Basic logic.

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>No more translations ever
Since when did the group drop it
>not knowing the monthly image/tl dump thread of it

What's the appeal of the yandere? Are there any well-characterised yanderes or is it all just "lol edgy" shit?
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>lol edgy
Perfect description.
People who like 2D characters with 3dpd personalities.
Mostly liked by kids and tumblr.

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Manga Links when?
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I think you mean Leaks* mate.
Fuck your right my bad on that part just want to be the one the make the thread first.
>tfw too sexy for Tournament of Power.

Left or right?
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On an unrelated note, Miuna a shit and I'm glad Miuna Mondays are gone.
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right right right
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I'll take this girl.

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ITT: Series' that will inevitably get a reboot at some point in the future.
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i wish
Really gonna need Devilman to get that proper adaption at some point in my lifetime.
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what the fuck.jpg
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Was this intentional?
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This shit can't be real.
Yeah, I don't know how they read those word-pictures either.

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Only S class protags are allowed in this thread
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Unironically this fuccboi.
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Is there a leak for sao ordinal scale yet ? Is the movie even worth the watch?
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dont act like your opinion is the only one that matters in the world
>Is there a leak for sao ordinal scale yet?
Not yet

>Is the movie even worth the watch?
Dunno but the series was not worthy imho.

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