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I got your ost right here death.
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Japanese people are probably waiting for the Ace bullying arc to end in the manga to post it in protest.
You know the drill.
Post it

How would you feel about more manga starring canon futas?
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>she never fucked her cousin.

Worst ending ever.
sure why not
She did take her virginity

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Calling it now
First 20 episode is about Chill Academy/Genin Adventures n shit.
Then the show will immediately sway into the DARKNESS, prove me wrong.
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it takes a lot of preparations

He has now faster and more effective techniques.
Danzo did nothing wrong

Fuck the uchiha
>Then the show will immediately sway into the DARKNESS, prove me wrong
Not immediately. I don't think we'll start to hit DARKNESS territory until Bort's seal starts acting up and he goes through a CS1 Sasuke-type stage.

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How much longer until Gappy manages to get to Dolomite ?
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Is Dolomite supposed to be a callback to pic related ?
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Why was the other thread deleted ?
Also post best president
Jannies being faggots again, as usual

Which part of JJBA is the best and why is it Battle Tendency?
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Just ban my thread up senpai
Because it's the only one with good pacing
Because its the only one that isn't as snooze fest and the mc is the actual mc
The series peaked with 2 and everything after that has been all disappointments living under its shadow

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Featuring chapter 2 of Dr Stone and chapter 3 of Hungry Marie

Next week the last new Jump series will arrive: Robot x Laserbeam from the Kuroko no Basket guy

Boku no Hero Academia >>154541712
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Shokugeki no Souma (is this ending, or did they choose the title "The Final Battleground" for no reason?):
Promised Neverland:

1568 for spreads

child abuse
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>receding hairline
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Ok so today I checked out dragon ball multiverse out of curiosity from anons constantly talking shit about it and I have to say it's really not all that bad, sure some flaws here and there but I'll excuse it. I found their interpretation of bra to be the most sexiest and purest form of bra that we have ever gotten/will get from toei and Toriyama. Her fight with king cold make me get ridiculously hard to the point where the mere thought of it would have my cock throb whenever I was out in public or picking up my sister from her elementary school which has some of the parents questioning. It wasn't until I went back and saw those shots of bra that I finally decided to fap (I was on nofap beforehand, which is why i was so hesitant before) and my god, was it the best experience.

My fantasies consisted of me being in the audience of the tournament in straight awe at bra's power and magnitude as she fought against cold with her smugness and coolness. I was on the verge of just letting my cock loose so she can see it and know how much she turned me on. I couldn't take it anymore, and thus before she could land the final blow on cold, I plunged towards the arena completely unfazed by its immense gravity as my undying love was far stronger than the norm. I tackled her and began to pull her pants off, she kicked punched and scream but to it was to no avail. My nose was stuffed in her asshole as I smelled her from the inside and any incoming shit she would happen to take soon after. i then began to punch her head several times until she bled as well she rip off her tooth so I could keep it as memorabilia. Harsh words turned into words of beg as the sex continued, she wanted nothing more to do with me but I was far done. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours. Nonstop sex as cold laid sliced there to watch.

All in all I rate dbz 7.8/10

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Is it stronger than Meruem?
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What's with all the HxH threads lately? Did a new chapter drop or did Togashi announce that the hiatus stops?

Also, it's not.
Making a new thread I see? Want to let the previous one die down instead of running away?

>What's with all the HxH threads lately?
Probably the dedicated troll we've had the last couple of weeks. Same thing happened last week when he kept spamming CA related threads.
>Stronger than Nuke?

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Precure thread
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Chocolate dog.
Japanese gods/deities don't tend to be that strong.
It's not like an Abrahamic nigh-omnipotent being.

They have gods for everything and not all of them are very strong.

Are harems the most patrician genre?
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Thinking man's genre
Thinking with dick.

This episode was 10/10. Best one for me so far
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Kek, saved
How hard would Andrew have impregnated Akko if she showed up wearing the bunny outfit?
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Based, can't wait for the fanfics

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My wife Ruise is very cute
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Kyouko is cute too! But it's s shame he has to fuck up in order to get to make her his woman!
She got a cunt-y voice though.
Did they really say "Noble Phantasm" or is it the translator trying to be hip?

Holy shit Akko really beautiful this episode
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What a fucking slut
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>hey Andrew
>hey, do you have problems with your father?
>do you want to talk about your problems?
>like having a conversation, could this work?
But she did talk to him. She dissed him for listening to his father telling him to give no fucks about what he says just as she does. And he listened and agreed, next thing he did was play the piano knowing his father doesn't approve.

Who needs pep talk when you have a genki girl literally forcing you to regain your yay?

>Perfect idles don't exi-
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That's a bad meme and you should feel bad
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Do perfect idols lose?
Yozora threw the match, this is an undeniable FACT

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