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T-minus 2.5 weeks until season 2. Manga readers, what scene are you looking forward to the most? Anime-onlies, what do you think will happen and why the fuck haven't you read the manga yet it's been FOUR GODDAMN YEARS
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>Manga readers, what scene are you looking forward to the most?

>mfw Bort dead
That will be season 3.
>Big bro Zekzek scenes

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Text spoilers tonight.
Any predictions?
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People will talk, plot points will happen and people will bitch saying nothing happened because no fights.
But that happened in the last chapter and the people loved it

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Tsukihime or Fate?
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brain cancer or lungs cancer?
Both are shit.

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Any changes in second movie?new characters, scenes?
When will vol 12 be released?
and where can i watch the movies?
I think someone said some scenes were "luxurious" ?

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More !
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What's the point in censoring their face when it's obvious who they are? One even still has her full name is clearly displayed.

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This show is a goldmine for memes, reaction pics and webms. Post what you managed to salvage from this episode (no gifs allowed).
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Every episode provides some kind of Akko nonsense, I love it.
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Akko prancing.webm
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More Akko. Btw I couldn't bring myself to cut Sucy from these webms, she's too much best girl.
Sucy being best girl, exhibit A.

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>yfw people don't give you orders anymore
>yfw nii-sama doesn't give you baths anymore
>yfw you can hear ghosts, but Bruce Willis is Ray
>yfw you agree that food is more important than smiles, but you have to stick with the smiling buffoon
>yfw no Kaiser or Judai to have a crush on
>yfw that little ghetto girl tried to molest you, thinking you're a guy
>yfw your head is constantly burning since you have to hide so much hair in a hat
>yfw your archetype will never be released
>yfw you wanted to be friends with the fish girl from Miami
>yfw the entermachines kid was cute, but you never be friends with him either, because you'll become a bloody baby
>yfw all those years in desert, being raped by soldiers daily amount to nothing
>yfw you wish Jack was your daddy
>yfw Tsukikage is the best uncle
>yfw you have to shave your eyebrows to hide that you're a girl
>yfw the only change you experience if from being an unwilling vessel to a willing one
>yfw nii-sama doesn't even give you pendulums

I wish we could end the suffering faster.
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reminder Ono has a twitter to vent out our frustrations and to beg a Sound Duel 4 from

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New chapter is out.
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If someone can dump it please do.
Really can't see how the demons will get Glox and Dolor to convert. Especially with the betrayal of humans in this chapter.
Both of them don't know about the demon bait the goddess setup. Having that knowledge could be the turning point.

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Today with Daddy issues.
I like it.
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Why hasn't natsu impregnated lucy yet? Or he saving up his demon seed to do it.
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Fucking Fairy Tail man. Even when it's good it's bad. You see, I absolutely love the "August is Zerefs son" thing. I never even saw it comming, hell his story even made me feel something and I don't even fucking know when that happened last time in Fairy Tail.
However I absolutely despise that cheesy father daughter relationship Cana and Gildarts have. It's so fucking cheesy and forced that it's cringeworthy beyond compare.

Guess that's my bad for focussing on anything other than the PLOT.
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I don't know man, I mean with all the girls looking and acting how they do I pretty much wonder how the hell Fairy Tail isn't a big sex club with one orgy after another going down. Pic related is literally designed for breeding

Kanna-chan is number one.
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Tooru is

Good movie.
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Meh movie, could of been better but it was about what i expected. The full dive / burst linker info was a bit forced but its something we called for a while. The blacky princess teasing was cute, thats prolly the closest we will get to kurohime confirmed.
BD rips when?
Should have gone to your local theatre (if they showed it there)

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eat the Japari Buns to grow up big and strong
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Toki is the best Friend
She has the tightest booty.

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Why did season 2 have Wiz become bully-bait?
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you meant yunyun right? wiz got nothing on poor yunyun
she was always bully-bait though
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Because Vanir was introduced.

why can't asuka just be happy
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cuz she loves Shinji
cuz she is shit.
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>representations of beauty
>uglier than the real thing
Will Amanda, Costanze and Jasminka have their own adventure?
Wittle Lich Academia
[Insert story about how love interest dies in the end then Akko revives him then kills him due to Ursula's instructions Here] Tattun gets anally ravaged by the insane anon, but he successfully escape to shitpost on /a/

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