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>This is a 10/10 in Japan
Is anime kill?
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its over were free now
It's a meme. I don't think anyone who isn't blind will tell you that it looks good.

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Why are there no anime characters with canon autism? Are Japanese not aware of the disorder or are they afraid to represent them?
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What about that one blonde girl from the pet show who couldn't even dress herself? I forgot the full name of it but she seemed like she fit the bill.
Denpa Onna hit the mark somewhat.
Mental illnesses are heavily stigmatized in Japan, just like anything else that might mean you're a non-productive member of society.

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ITT: Well done edgelords
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Why is she such waifu material?
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sorry, anon, I said "well done", not poorly done.

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anime pizza thread
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modern Japanese cuisine.jpg
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ITT: Bad character designs
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The black blouse/extra-long slip ensemble is kinda silly, but yeah that actually is what white people look like in Japanese clothing, and she is a quarter.
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Also the entire cast of Gabriel Dropout. That show has the blandest artstyle I've seen in a while. It looks so dated already.

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watch Sword art online season1 only the first 8 episodes. rest is trash, right /a/?
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Read the light novel.
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>1st arc is good
>2nd arc is bad
>3rd arc (SAO II deathgun) sucks balls
>4th arc is amazing
>movie is the best animated film of all time

Watch them all.
Dropped it after 5 episodes.

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Get your asses in here. Only screening location that matters is finally up for tickets. Finally get to complete my poster trifecta.

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bat is best girl
This good faith opening post really makes me want to participate in the thread.

if you could only watch one anime for the rest of your life, yes you can rewatch it as many times as you want. Which would you pick?
I'd probably go with pic related
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this and Innocence collectively as a movie series.
You posted it.

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This is Ai Nonaka. Say something nice about her
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I would put my meaty gaijin love staff inside of her and fill her innocent womb with my filthy hot lust.

Wait...who is she again?
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She played her, Kyoko from Madoka, Kafuka from SZS, and Fuuko from Clannad, among others.
This is Maaya Uchida. Say something nice about her.

Adopt. Marry. Befriend.
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Ignore kids, acquire Succ.
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Honestly, I'd wanna raise and cuddle the shit out of all three of them. Hikari, however, is borderline sexual material. Something about her makes me wanna stick it in and take responsibility.

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OPT: One Page Thread
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Why does she have a giant watermelon on her belly?
Isn't that a bit too large?
Is she giving birth to goddamn horse? Even if she's 12, that looks more like ascites than a pregnancy belly, jesus christ.

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I set not one, not two, BUT THREE cards face down, and end my turn.

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On your end phase I activated Twin Twister. Discard my level eater and pop the cards on the middle and right.
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It would appear luck is on my side today
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Card Destruction.jpg
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Well, now that Alium is gone, we can get back to some wacky hijinks...
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One alium dead, the other alium out in space. No more aliums.
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No... more...

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Chapter 5. Needs proofreading

And redrawing, but that will come later.
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>nether stars


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meme note.png
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I ain't clicking that shit.
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Trailer music is always the same.

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