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It's happening
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Delicious forehead.
I can get behind this,
>Kirara has to revive old series because Taneda is still ded and they can't make a new season of KinMosa, Rabbits and YYS

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What is a good age to die?
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You have to give up your humanity and turn into an undead loli. After that I think an age around 2K years is enough but that depends.
18, 70% likely to lead a very happy life full of joys and wonder. And then you don't have to worry about bills or living in america. I'm not suicidal I just see the advantages of not being alive, probably why I resent my parents.

fukking now

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Is it possible to remove one? It seems impossible, believe me I tried.
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Nanoha became super shit and worthless after the second season, so this shouldn't be that hard unless you want to specify you're talking about S1 and A's only.
shit pic
That's not at all what a trilogy is you massive retard.

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We can all agree that this is the AOTS?
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Please give me your honest thoughts on this nice series
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Utena was 20 years ago.
Took me like 6 episodes to really get into it, I think it was around the gay teacher piano episode that I really got invested in the story.

Character designs still bother the shit out of me. Especially the red-haired/green-haired characters and the use of shading on their hair. It felt off.
Overrated garbage.

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The absolute madman keeps doing it.
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Why would you dry your clothes in the middle of the way?
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Two big trees close to the house. A prety good spot since you don't expect guests.
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Doing it and doing it and doing it well.

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New chapter in a few a minutes.
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>childhood friend
>dere as fuck
>zero chances of winning
Isn't it about time this trope fucks off?
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New chapter when
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We were supposed to be freed from this. Why?
Uruka is winning my friend.

She is the only girl who loves the MC, has clear goals, isn't in a tie with another girl etc.

The brown tomboy childhood friend will win.

Last day of nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan. Rou is still the best.

Subs later.
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>no more ibuki kido
>no 2nd season with 20 minute episodes
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Does it still hold up today as a classic or was it just another harem anime?
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Doesn't hold up. It served to introduce some of the shittiest tropes of the genre and overplay them to nauseating levels. Nowadays, it's "fire in a trash can" tier, thanks to becoming a template for countless imitators.
It's got nostalgia rewatch value for me, but the concept was refined and then beaten to death by the industry in the decade that followed.
Not for me. Can't believe I actually kind of liked this garbage back then

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The blonde slut.
Either green or blue.
Green. Always green.

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>berserk update
>"To Be Continued at Late April"

Is this true? Or Miura finally back to Berserk? Also let's appriciated this Cosco
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He's always back for 3-5 months then 6 months hiatus
>He's always back for 3-5 months then 6 months hiatus
why? is there any new idolshit this year? or is he just being lazy again?
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There is a new Brazilian idol called Natalia that may suit his tastes

>You can call me what you like, but I will be taking your cake.
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>You can call me what you like, but I will be taking your cake.
It looks so stupid when someone does that in real life
>Casting a black dude as a pasty, pale, white, shut-in hikkineet


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How do you choose which anime to pick up each season?
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wait for the first week sales then only watch top 5
>he doesn't know about anime choosing séances

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I just marathoned the first episode of this. It was really fucking shit. This feels like the japanese equivalent of My Little Pony. A dumb show for kids that manchildren project their insecurities into to pretend that it's deep. If you are older than 11 and enjoy this, please kill yourself.
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I had the same feeling, OP. I watched 3 eps yesterday because there was so much talk about it. I think we were being trolled.
Deep. Really made me think.
at least ep.7

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