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Chapter's out.
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No Eto = Shit Chapter
Furuta is taking this manga even lower than it was.
IKR man

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This is the only anime worth watching dubbed, period.

Prove me wrong; you can't.
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Not liking dubs is a meme. I've never got the superiority complex people have with watching the original anyways. I actually love dubs and I don't care who knows about it. I'll literally watch a dub any chance its available as I can relate to the series better.

>squid girl
>be bride is a mermaid
>heavens lost property
>soul eater

I'm sure there's tons of anime I'm not thinking about but that gets the point across.*
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While I can see your point about relating better, subs are closer to the way the medium was meant to be experienced, and dubs have a bad tendency to add extra bits of dialogue to explain things that are supposed to be subtle (the Ghost in the Shell dub is the best example of this)

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Pinocchio side story edition
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Original Gowther had to feel dicking qts somehow
This, you don't make a surrogate clone to experience the world in your stead and NOT give it a dick.

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Is Senri the cutest thing ever created?
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In the sci;adv universe, yes.
New video featuring Yui:

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senri so cute.jpg
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heart inside gets a promo video but not senri?

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>Incredibly enjoyable show
>Literally 20 people in the entire world watching it

Why does this keep happening to everything I love?
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Why does that matter if you enjoyed it?
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Cause it means season 2 never ever and no quality figures/scales
Funniest show of the season, the Thank You notes episode killed me.

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Some of you guys are alright, don't go to the crimson village school tomorrow.
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W-what are you saying?
Yunyun, I like you now. Get out of here
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All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You'd better run, better run, outrun my bakuretsu

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Who's the smartest character in the history of anime and manga?
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Pic unrelated
powerlevel shit with a different name
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>was told this was good
>watch it
>it's just 12 episodes of femdom

Why do I keep letting myself get tricked by /a/?
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>Season 2 never
Wasn't the end of the last episode a teaser for the next season? That said, I don't know how it would work since it completely changes the formula that made it popular
>not good

Get out of my website

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New chapter is out!
Acno got beaten by Ichiya and Wendy almost turned SS Rose.
So how many chapters til it's finally over?
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The FT Memories are the only good thing about the recent chapters.
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>how many chapters til it's finally over?
Too many.
FT fell down the shitter since the Tenrou arc and never got up ever since

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45 copy_PTAyGaVDoqY.jpg
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Full chapter is out:
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Anon, did you watch my anime yet?
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>AOTS ends in 2 weeks
That is not the maid referred to in the title.
Still, I would fuck Georgie hard.
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At least there's the specials and the BD episode to wait for.

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Even in the face of bankruptcy, even against all odds, even knowing the majority of their recent works flopped. Gonzo lives on.

What's your favorite Gonzo and why is it either Last Exile or Seto no Hanayome?
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Kaleido Star
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>remove male MC and meme oppai loli
>series improves tenfold
How does it work?
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>no male MC
Who am I suppose to self insert as so I can imagine having sex with those girls?
you're not suppossed to selfinsert in any form of media, you fucking faggot
I'd let the brown one in the middle give me some oratoria, if you know what I mean.

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Pick your hiatus king.
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not a king to be found
when it is R & R to be unbound!
Kazushi Hagiwara

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7 Minutes left to the new episode
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I can't decide which is the best song

Egao no Orchestra
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