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I produce and play instruments but I haven't got people around to share with.

Anybody up for an anime music collab? Simple project, anything can help.
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Why anime? Anime and music goes together like ice cream and sauerkraut
That's real and pretty good

t. kraut

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Will live action be good? What do you think
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Probably not, live-action adaptations are rarely good
You're right, but the desire to see it surpasses me
It will be a missed opportunity, but I know I'm going to watch it. Should have had a completely original story & character lineup for the new setting.

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Can dragon lolis be cool?
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No, only adorable and in need of spoiling.
Yeah metal
fair enough

Which K-On would make the best cuddle?
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As far as softness is concerned, it would be Mugi.

However, I prefer Yui/Ritsu/Nodoka so I would rather cuddle with one of them.
Jun's butt.
They're both in your picture, OP.

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denwa isekai.jpg
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For all /a/ complains about the "isekai boom", it's probably fair to say that the majority of isekai anime up to this point have been adaptations of at least the upper tier of stories of their kind. For example, Zero no Tsukaima, Log Horizon, NGNL, Grimgar, Overlord, Konosuba, Re:Zero, Youjo Senki. All of these so far have at least had something to make them stand out from the crowd.

Is this about to change, though? With the progressive announcements of Death March, Knights and Magic, and now Isekai Smartphone, we are beginning to see the industry slip more and more towards the kind of shameless ń┐║TUEEEEEEEEE generic narou-type portal fantasies that are so derided by /a/, as the industry continues to follow the money. And as much as Japanese otaku deride the genre online, they are certainly voting for it with their wallets.

So is this the future of anime? To slide away from the innovative in favor of the lowest common denominator?
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How pretentious did you feel while writing this?
Sure. Also, SoL isekai is better anyway.
Evangelion was innovative for its time.

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Not going to lie, Yuki Yuna is really beautiful here.
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Not going to lie. Yuuna is always beautiful.
Not going to lie, you have good taste.
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Not going to lie, everyone loves Yuuna.

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Saitama is now the protagonist of the last anime you watched.

How does it improve the show?
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Imagine Saitama with Imagine Breaker...

Not technically the last show I've seen but still...
why does this face remind me of attack on titan

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Male MC confirmed.
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Eh, weren't they showing a girl in the PV's?
For Encore? No. I think you're confusing it with the CCC Openings here.

How do we fix this ending?
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Why does he stare at her with such distain?
How does it end? Does she end up alone?

I dropped it after everyone started fucking everyone, it was getting ridiculous and convoluted.
It's great. Hanabi is better off.

>APOSIMZ 002 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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I still haven't lost hope.
What a cute robot

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>26 episodes high quality ORIGINAL animated series without breaks

other studios are dead, bury it, consider this mercy from triggerbros.
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its not even fair how good this show is.
>got BTFO by Konosuba and Youjo Senki
>high quality

Considering the past few episodes were almost entirely outsourced and have looked considerably worse than the first 3-4, I'm going to disagree.

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Goddamn look how short Hiei is
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Prince of Manlets after Vegeta
Thanks Pierrot, now you'll give Togashi more excuse to stay lazy.

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This is Chiya, my new beautiful, pure, and a traditional wife.
Say something kind.
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I want to be hole brothers
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She looks nice in a maid outfit.
I want to kokoro pyon pyon Chiya-chan!

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Are we still talking about this?
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Not really, no.

It wasn't much more than a good action movie, but at least it was better than season 2. Pretty enjoyable.

Is there anything else you wanted to say or was that it?
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Alright it's now time to shitpost Psycho Piss nostalgia. Post what you have saved anons.

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>a new Sakura Cardcaptors anime will exist within your life time
they're going to fuck this up aren't they?
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What does Nanoha have to do with your post
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Nanoha never left, Sakura did.
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They look the same.

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