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Post your favorite fanservice moment and explain why. Doesn't matter if it's tasteful or shamelessly indulgent. Though nothing too explicit.
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He's my taste.
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Because my penis said so.
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The original and best

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Why was this so superior to all the other shows this season /a/? Was it just a weak season or was it actually pretty good?
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A lot of people will shit on you and call your opinion bait, but it's actually was my 3rd favorite anime of the season.
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At least everyone can agree it has the best ED
I give it a 4/10 because the ending and cuck arc pissed me off so much. It got worse over time and the premise was the best part. The first few episodes were fine.

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post your favs and rate others
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I liked NHK and Ping Pong, but Trigun, GTO, and Tatami were boring. Monogatari is just generally bad.

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What was /a/ like when this happened?
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>had trouble beating Deidara who Itachi effortlessly one-shotted
>still planned on fighting him

What was he even thinking?
>Muh clan

Seriously though, Sasuke getting pushed like that when he had the elemental advantage was retarded
>Sasuke turned his sharingan off because it was upsetting deidara

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Give me 1 good reason why you're not rewatching K-ON! right now.
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brings back bad memories
2009 and 2010 were painful years
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I have too much on the backlog + seasonal shit to commit to a full rewatch, but K-On is my favorite anime and I pick an episode and rewatch it every now and then. My favorites are the Ritsu/Mugi date and the music festival.

finishing up K-on!! right now

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ITT: Spring 2017 Discussion


Adaptations/sequels of note (that I know of):

Motherfucking Berserk S2
Attack on Titan S2 (I guess)
Granblue Fantasy

Interesting Anime (to me anyway):

Clockwork Planet
Frame Arms Girl
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>Look at all romance anime
>They're all fucking shit and have the worst synopsis known to man
>Return to hibernation

See you in the summer.
Spring 2015 was so amazing
I look forward to this teekyuu spinoff

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Every man has a moment in his life when he asks himseld, "who is... best grill?"
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Most certainly not meme shit Kissshot.
You started the thread with her.
Bat is best girl.

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This is your mother tonight.
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WOW! HOT a What Baabhabhiat
What's her endgame?
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a-anon are you ok

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Why can't modern anime girls match the charm of 80s anime girls?
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they can
I love plenty of anime girls from the 80s but nostalgia threads of this extreme are bad, OP
It's okay to like things that are less than 30 years old, no need to take a dump on modern writers and modern series just because they exist now and not in some rose-tinted past
Because you live in the past. Move on, idiot.
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because we got bigger titties now. Like, look at those things. Massive.

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How do you hit someone with 3000 agi?
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Have even more?
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Oh boy

Have 3001 agi.

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Let's talk about her
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What are we gonna talk about?
Nothing and then we talk about her.

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>You will never ever read Evangelion Anima

What a harsh world
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Me on the right.
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Out of my NERV fucking shits, real /m/ coming through.
That armor appeared in SRW @3

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For the sake of the entire universe, his work MUST be allowed to continue
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I Strongly Disagree.
Fuck the universe then, it doesn't get to violate the NAP anymore than anyone else. It can get off it's high and mighty ass and shut the fuck up about fucking entropy. I'm a mortal, I'll die long before this universe collapses. I don't give a shit about some gay bullshit that has nothing to do with me.
>the NAP
the what now

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I didn't really understand Akane's monologue at the beginning of episode 11, where she talked about collecting colors and crossing lines and stuff.
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Holy shit she got character development.
She turned into a slut for attention from others, she doesnt really care about being a girlfriend or loved and from being autistic about the feelings of the men girl's or crush to liking the reaction from it too, so long men gave her attention. I might be wrong though.
The characters just keep reiterating shit they already said over and over. Simple shit they're say to sound deep.

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What are you going to do to this Mexican?
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Don't you mean Brazilian?
I thought it was Kyoto for a moment
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Go get some Okinawan doughnuts together!

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