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>that conveniently placed hair
Boichi, you bastard.
Also Dr. Stone thread.
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Will they ressurect yuzuriha next chapter.
Yeah and she'll be the lion guy's cock sleeve
>implying lion guy won't turn out to be gay
Science boy was right without realizing it.

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Chapter's out
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Because of the success of yesterday's thread about anime cancellations >>155064386 I decided to use my autist powers and recap all the animes suggested in the thread into one pastebin with the proper sources and text (When possible).


There also go with a few tags in those with doubts or special attention

Those not full proved even with different explanations provided
Anime who got partly/full cancelled and get back soon again with required changes to air
Anime with blu-ray/dvd release problems and/or canned
Problems with the original authors or proper legal issues
Problems with the US version of the anime

If you know more cancelled anime not featured here or futher explanations about them (Mostly in those without links), could be appreciated to make a new pastebin. I couldn't say before my gratitute for yesterday thread so I say it now, it was a good thread, thanks.
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Didn't Twin Spica have issues?
Cencoroll 2, maybe? It's more vaporware though.

Same deal with Toruru's Adventure.

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On your knees, dog.
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Fuck you bitch I want to lick Crusch's feet
If I'm a dog, then *humps your leg*
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Chapter 137. Needs proofreading.
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>>153027307 Up to 130
>>153180176 Up to 138
>>153382427 Up to 143
>>153463005 Up to 147
>>153545027 148
>>153580728 Up to 152
>>153728426 Up to 154
>>153847601 155
>>153860486 Up to 157
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Here's the cover for Volume 13. It releases April 4, we get the special chapter on April 6. I think it looks pretty good compared to the others
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It's better than 3 and 11. But it doesn't look finished yet.
What special chapter? One of the two Murata was drawing in his last streams (Mask and smile man ones) ? They're releasing a tankobon only chapter for free as forgiveness for the next chapter being so fucking late?
Also, it that's really it that means we're good for easily 2 if not 3 more weeks of wait. Fuck.

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They conclusively BTFO'd Kyoani working on the same anime. That pretty much settles it.
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Kyoanishitters on suicide watch.
So what, are you just gonna make the same shitty thread every other day?
so this is where dragon ball budget went

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All board the battle harem train.
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Literally normalfags: the season

This board is already bad enough but it won't survive after this. Goodbye /a/ culture and welcome facebook anitwitter culture.
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What are the trap/fujobait shows this season?

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"Writer and manga creator Daisuke Satō passed away due to ischemic heart disease on March 22. He was 52. His immediate family have already held a funeral service, and his younger sister Yūko Shinmyō was the chief mourner."

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I feel bad for Inazuma. He was waiting for so long for give him some more story and now he died.
I don't understand why we keep having threads about this. I didn't think Highschool of the Dead was that popular.

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It's highly energetic.

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Looks like one of those low-budget generic harem anime made between 2000-2010.
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Its going to be garbage harem shit without the sick art. I feel happy for the author being able to monetize in this format but man is this going to be a bastardization of the manga.
Oh wow I didn't even know this was getting an adaption.

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Best new Jump series

Worst new Jump series

Also which ones do you think will actually make it?
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Gender Bender one, Stone Gays, and either Demon Gay or Gay Golf.
They all look suckish.

The girl with hair buns is cute tho
Poro and U19 first on the chopping block.

Golf is boring as fuck but will survive through fujos.

Why is 0079 so boring?
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It's like 60 years old so it was made with an elderly audience in mind
Because you have feces where the part of your brain concerning taste should be.
Serious answer, 0079 is at its worst when it's just monster of the week stuff. The battles can get repetitive as fuck.

I think it's a great show when the plot's actually moving though. And some of the more creative fights are great. Like the group of zeon soldiers who strap bombs to the gundam, or everything about Ramba Ral.

Just finished Space Dandy for the first time and thought it was great. The only problem for me were the last 2 episodes, they were unnecessary. The plant episode is the best though.
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Limbo episode was the best one.
File: space-dandy-days.jpg (98KB, 1024x576px)Image search: [Google]
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The comfy episode was the best one.
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The last 2 episodes were good, the problem was shit like the Cloudian one, or a bunch of forgettable ones in S1.

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>tfw the franchise died before they made an OVA of that incident mentioned in Strikers where Nanoha went 2fast2furious and almost died
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There was just a new Reflection PV anon
Nanoha is deprecated. They've moved on to new lolis now.
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There's a tiny chance they might include an updated version of The Incident in the Neo-Alt Force timeline with the Florians.

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