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God this anime was good. Like Bakuman, it was all about crafting the shit we watch/read endlessly.
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>Like Bakuman
>comparing shitobako to the best series ever
Both are good, fuck off with this shit flinging garbage.
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Anyone have a webm?

You have 5 seconds to tell me why this anime IS NOT total shit asides for its visuals and animation.

>Literally incomplete (season 2 doesn't count since it might as well be called a new anime)
>plot is only interesting for like the first 5 episodes then it becomes a drag
>opening sets a mood about everyone raping the titans with a fuckload of kids raining from the sky killing them with brutal efficiency
>meanwhile in the series 95% of the kid soldiers die like in 5 seconds and the 5% that stays alive do nothing asides screaming
>ends very abruptly
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Who are you quoting?

who are YOU quoting?
>ends abrupty

because it didnt end yet

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>chance of success is 0.0000001%
>main character and team succeeds
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Easy. The estimate was wrong. Overly pessimistic.
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>Impossible to defeat/overcome
>Power of friendship/love/etc wins against that impossibility
Empire Strikes Back really is the worst.

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Why does Yui always wear leggings?
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She's not a loose girl who shows off bare leg
But literally everyone at her school doesn't wear them.
Because Yui is special.

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weee laddy.png
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What do, anon?
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Construct a rudimentary lathe
Find a beautiful elf girl that will take me to the adventurer's guild
Is it like a gazebo?

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ITT: The girl of your dreams
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OP's dick can fuck that giantess.

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why the fuck is adventurer regarded as such a low tier job in konosuba?

Your like the mew of Australia, you can learn any skill you want, from anyone who is willing to teach you.
You can be the jack of all traits if you grind hard enough, or a sniper/mage/thief/swordsman like kazuma is

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Because it's dangerous.
Low skill floor, if you're an archmage or priest or what have you people know your stats are going to be good but literally any schmuck can be an adventurer. It also costs more skill points as I recall to learn things as an adventurer
wouldn't that be worth it in the long run? I'm guessing there's a maximum amount of stuff you can learn if your a certain class, like an archwizard or a crusader, so getting your skill points to good use would be beneficial at first, but then your just like aqua, where all your stats are stagnant no matter what you do and you can't learn anything else.

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Why is this show not popular in the west?
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It's too smart
Because it looks autistic.
Because it's ironic trash?

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did you?
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I don't like roaches
I did

What are YOU looking at?
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I don't know, turn the camera around so I can see what I'm looking at.
I can't see your mouth
I want to fight you.

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Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san (Lead CP, 1st Anniversary)
The Promised Neverland
One Piece
Boruto (Cover, CP)
Kimetsu no Yaiba
My Hero Academia (CP)
Robot x Laserbeam
Black Clover
Shokugeki no Soma
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K
We Never Learn
Hungry Marie
Spring Weapon No. 1
Demon Prince Poro's Diaries
Dr. Stone
Samon the Summoner
Hinomaru Zumou
Isobe Isobee Monogatari

Issue 19
Cover/Lead CP: Black Clover
CPs: We Never Learn, Kuromori Crime (Oneshot, Hidetoshi Miyada + Yusuke Nishi)
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The other thread is shit.
Pure ranking

01 Neverland c.026
02 One Piece c.855
03 Kimetsu c.049
04 Black Clover c.097
05 Soma c.202
06 Saiki c.231
07 Haikyu c.241
08 Bokuben c.002
09 No.01 c.016
10 Gintama c.623
11 Samon c.068
12 U19 c.001
13 Hinomaru c.132
Under 19 chapters.

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takahashi sensei.png
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Shows are wrapping up and it just seems like there was almost nothing worth watching this time around.
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Next season looks worse
i kinda feel ya, the last episodes for this season felt more shallow than usual.
Yeah, I kept waiting for something interesting to happen, but I think there were just too many shows about mundane bullshit with characters with no role other than to pander.

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*blush* oh gosh was that because of me
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man mode
I want to rape Carol so bad

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ITT: Shit-tier female MC's
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Fuck you. Akko is a good girl.
We won't let you insult Akko and get away with it.
She has a very flexible spine.

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Saya is the superior wife.
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>flat as a board
>fish eyes

Literally worst girl incarnate.
Superior to what exactly?
>liking a meme girl

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