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there are only 6 anime that i want to watch next season..
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Thats six more then me.
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Thats twice of what I watched this season


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and potentially even surpass it.

>Girl team mate who can actually do something and has a prominent role and epic powers.
>No edgy rivalry between the two lads. They seem bro as fuck with each other
>Mitsuki himself is just a cool chill dude with an interesting past
>Inojin and Chou Chou have a cute little thing going on
>Metal Lee will actually get screentime unlike his dad in part 2, showing us the true capabilities of Taijutsu
>Shikadai inherits the best character from the old generations personality
>Milf Hinata
>Byakugan prominence
>The story won't be about stalking a person to get him to be friends with you
>Gaara's adopted kids look beast
>Starting off with chill slice of life antics before ramping up the story
>Kawaki seems to have influences from the samurai, indicating their prominence
>Animation looks beautiful

Tell me why your not excited.
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Reposting is a bannable offense.
>needs glasses
Explain this Joker please
it's fucking anime
I don't see /a/ complaining when a little trope girl easily over powers a fully grown man.

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Who is your favorite battle harem couple?
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Is there a difference?
Krulcifer x My dick
Absolute Duo.

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What does /a/ think of Love Live?
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I love it and live by it.
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You is my captain!
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It was good in it's day, but now it's simply a poor man's BanG Dream.

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Airing this summer.

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Nice setting.
Youtube link:


The OST though.
According to this article it's going to be a 2-cour, can anyone confirm?


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Why /a/ is so obsessed with purity?
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I don't like indecent people.
Would you rather eat a freshly prepared bowl of cereal or a bowl of cereal that's had 50 penises in it?
homo end please

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SO i just watched redline. I've been sitting on a giant 10gig ultra high quality version of the film for some time now.

And holy balls. The hype for the first act was insane. Kinda dropped the ball in the actual red line race but man the animation was top quality. And the soundtrack is insanely additive to listen too.
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That first race is one of the greatest action scenes in animation
>Kinda dropped the ball in the actual red line race


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Was anime always this cringey and stupid?

I haven't watched anime since Kill la Kill was airing because the show was so bad it made me stop watching anime but I recently decided to pick this up and I'm beginning to think that anime just might be aimed towards complete faggots
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Stop watching bad shows.
Can we ban the cringe meme already?

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If he doesn't get a DBZ power up in boruto I'll be salty
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He can reproduce on his own.
Oro won't get a huge powerup but he'll probs help others get their power ups
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Your most hated love triangle?
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Source is Nanashi no Asterism, by the way.
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ones like this
Update when

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I really liked the alchemist episodes a lot. Thought the ending was too melodramatic though.
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Hajimete no Gal 1st PV

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i kinda wanna kill myself
It's not even hot garbage, just barely room temp garbage.
I'm aroused

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>after Maidragon, no matter how much it was improved, Kyoani forever will be associated with that talentless hack with degenerative fanservice and one-dimensional jokes
You know, it kinda sucks.
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Who are you quoting?
except Koe no katachi was critically acclaimed, so.
Nobody feels that strongly about it anywhere

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*blocks your path*

what do?
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Steal that bat clip off her head and throw it out the window
"Excuse me, could you please move? I need to go in."
*teleports behind you*

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I miss Bleach
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I miss what Bleach used to be
No you dont
I miss what I thought Bleach was going to be.

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