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Time for more hand holding.
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Bad show
I'm still waiting for the OST to be uploaded.
We knew this since episode one.

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Goddess of Enjo kosai?
That gap is cute.
Is that Shiburin?

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At what point did this character become poorly written?
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none fag>>155151493
Not ever. He's the most cohesive, developed character in the manga. Some events around him, like Alluka's bond with him, are not particularly well written but he himself never ceased to be a highlight character.
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somewhere around him getting killed by a dart using merman if not for an octopus and turning into storm spirit.

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A Cinderella Girls anime sequel featuring JDs or cakes? You may only choose one.
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sequel focusing on fumifumi

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Im thinking of picking this up to watch for the first time.
Are there any parts that make it worth getting besides the animation itself.
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Sorry i meant to say worth getting on bluray or just go dvd
It's better to read the VN honestly
Play the vn.

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>starts as a gag webcomic parodying the "strongest man" cliche
>few female characters, none sexualized
>small fanbase, little discussion
>redraw happens
>anime happens
>current fanbase is massive
>does nothing but argue about powerlevels and drool over "Fubooty"

Was it all worth it?
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Childhood is idolizing Saitama, adulthood is realizing Mob makes more sense.
Ascension is fapping to Tatsumaki's butt and legs
Why don't you just ask the guy responsible personally?

Wiz is for ____
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>lazy goddess
Put her in OL clothes and ravage her.

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Why are /fit/ girls so much hotter?
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You see the line on her inner thigh where the quadricep differentiates from the hamstring?

Literally my fetish.
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>where the quadricep differentiates from the hamstring
quadricep means four rice
hamstring means strings for tying pork

Sailor Uranus has no shame.
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I want to go on a date with Mars.
Does Sailor Pluto still exist in the remake?
I'm on the last episode of it now, yes she does

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eoe poster.jpg
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Reminder that pic related is the true ending.

Anyone that thinks that the last 2 episodes meant anything are objectively in the wrong.
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Reminder that Asuka is the best girl.

Anyone who thinks that ugly toilet Rei is the best girl is objectively wrong
EoE and the 2 last episodes from the series are the same thing you fucktard.
Reminder that Rei is the best girl.

Anyone who thinks that ugly toilet Asuka is the best girl is objectively wrong

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Do women really crave for the virgin dick?
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They usually want experienced men, but sometimes go for a virgin to show him the ropes.
No, they don't.

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With the final track titles of the 2nd soundtrack released, it's confirmed we're getting some sort of awful ending. If this really is heading toward "bad end" for Tekkadan, what do you think the message of this shitty show actually is?

Only go about change in a certain way and don't be like McGillis and Tekkadan? Don't try to take a shortcut to success with extreme actions?

McGillis was fine with using Tekkadan's "casualties" and bodies to get what he wanted, even if he stayed loyal. Tekkadan used him for their aspirations and were ready to throw him under the bus.

I shouldn't feel bad for either side, but I do, even if they both brought everything on themselves.

What the hell is the message?
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They could have avoided all this if Mika just covered Shino properly instead of jobbing to Monkey. Mika legit just watched her make that throw.
Why do you think it has a message?
Because stories have messages and themes. People create them and people have ideas and notions in their heads, even if they do not intend to get messages across. This is how mass media works.

But he didn't, and everything shouldn't have hitched only on that one plan.

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sharetemp (5).jpg
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1 page thread
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>another OPT thread
>another day of me seeing cool panels but getting disappointed that the manga they're from aren't that good

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The raws are out here:
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Posting Wolf lewds

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I read the first couple of chapters and quit because it felt rushed and was difficult to follow, both in terms of plot and the action scenes themselves.
If someone tells me that gets better I'll keep reading it for the arms dealer chick alone.
Top tier soundtrack and top tier /ss/. I liked the show for the most part, but the ending and Koko's grand plan was pretty stupid and lackluster.
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very good show.

They need to do a black lagoon crossover

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