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Good night sweet prince
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guess HOTD really is over now
>author of my first anime dies
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>MC doesn't get what he wants
Big deal.
You always post this page but you never post how he actually dodged a bullet and got with the superior delinquent girl.
That's not what NTR means.

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Blue hair is the sign of best girl
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I beg to differ, Red heads are best.
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Don't post A SHIT next time

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JOJO thread.

What's the best spin-off?
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Purple Haze Feedback by far.
Rainy Day Dream Away a best
Part 5's ED:
Favourite OP?

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Did anime peak during the late 90s? Everything in the 80s was QUALITY and the voice acting was terrible. And it was right before studios went digital so it has all the charm from background art.
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art and animation wise, yes
Civilization as a whole peaked then, Mr. Anderson.
Still waiting for this thread to produce a post that isn't terrible

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Why does this man make /a/ so salty?
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2 reasons.
1. He talks shit about all of /a/'s Moeblob slice of life abomination shows and can actually back his word up since he makes quality stuff
2. Whether he deserves it or not, he's the most popular anime director globally. So a lot of normies know about him and his stuff and /a/ gets mad when plebs think whatever Miyazaki thing they watched is the pinnacle of anime
I hate the normalfags who fawn over his movies. The people who always try to top one another over how much they "love" Spirited Away or some shit. So I guess my dislike for Miyazaki is a byproduct of that. It's shitty reasoning but hey.
1. Yeah, no - he's hated televised anime since its very beginning in the early 1960s. People just think he has a hate-on for 2000s and 2010s anime exclusively because that makes them feel like they're on his side and that he loves the same '90s anime that they themselves like.

And to answer the OP, because he's a dickhead and sometimes crosses the line from criticizing anime to making personal attacks towards those who make anime.

post bootleg
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Post them. I'm in for some One Piece with actual fappable art.
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I prefer the sequel

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Just how thirsty is this girl
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she wants to be inseminated
She's the only one who actually has tripped romantic flags.
s2 never ever

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What is the objectively the worst anime you've ever enjoyed?
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I don't have shit taste so I don't enjoy bad anime.
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>spinoff becomes more popular and more loved by the fans than the original

How the fuck do you let this happen?
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Pic unrelated?
Kuro is hot. that's how it happened
Shiro is boring as dirt as an MC, he works fine as an ecchi trigger on the side

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How could they give this pure siscon such a melodramatic family tree? Is beauty worth more than morals?
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last time I trust a female writer tb completely h
I don't trust anything with "family dynamics"

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Is it happening?
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First for Carol
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carol ping pong.png
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Hahaha, are they taking turns beating the shit out of the delinquents?
It's a 4koma. Nothing ever happens...

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Best Key girl
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Which vn ? She seems sad
Great taste, OP.
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I only have eyes for the best girl.

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I'll start with a recent one
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I wouldn't say ruined but it certainly left me with a strange feeling.
This needs to be the first reply to every Rakugo thread from now on.

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