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Do you ever miss Witch butts?
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I miss these two butts.

So I watched S1 and S2, is there anything else that follows in the same vein? I think I heard that Brave Witches is similar, and maybe Vivid Strike too? Are either of those worth watching?
What's Brave Witches? Is that a new band or something?
I want to put my face in every last Witch butt.

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Fucking. Dropped.
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to be fair, he could conceivably do more than gohan.
Just roll with it, Roshi is such a OG I don't even mind them forcing him into things.
Even fucking Cyborg Taopaipai would be better than him

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>Startup from CEO of Tesla and SpaceX aims to implant tiny electrodes in human brains


So how does it feel knowing that Ghost in the Shell basically predicted the future?
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Okay but when can I transfer my soul into a cute lolita body is the pertinent question here
It wouldn't be your soul dipshit. It would be your brain placed in a prosthetic loli body.
Care to copy/paste the whole shit? I'm really interested.

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what do you think of elves in anime/manga
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They are for rape, that's all what I think.
Elves are quick to recognize lewdness
Remove Knife-ears

Post 10/10 OPs and EDs
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What do people see in this guy's works? I've tried time and time again to watch a movie or series of his and they're all just like extremely bad. Like zero redeeming qualities and this isn't an exaggeration. And this is ignoring the fact that I'm watching something expensive.
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Go to bed, Tomino.
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Their childhood?
I honestly thought it was normal to grow up watching Ghibli stuff, until I started posting on /a/.
Why would I watch shitty children's movies when good movies exist? Even when I was a child I wouldn't just watch some shitty children's movie.

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Touch fluffy __)__
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My finger literally slipped but everything went better than expected
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Made in Abyss thread?

Guys, I have a really important question.

Does Naruto ever fuck Hinata in his girl form?
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I wish
No, but Hinata fucks Naruto in his girl form.

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Post you're 80s/90s waifu. Do you still love her?

>inb4 ryokofags
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Feast your eyes on perfection you fucking mortals.
Sorry, only watched 00s/10s shows.

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More of this. Chapter 2 of Robot x Laserbeam

Shokugeki no Souma - http://www65.zippyshare.com/v/qr1XuSQv/file.html
The Promised Neverland - http://www65.zippyshare.com/v/yqfXd3RP/file.html
In which the whole fanbase flips out and ignores how unrealistic it is for a child to act this way, no matter how genius they are, no matter how many memories they can recall.

Boku no Hero Academia >>155110587
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Step one: Make an ordinary-jack protag your target audience can identify with
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Make sure he is setting next to a window.
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Step two: Have them transported to another world
(Optional: If you don't have an explanation ready, just make them meet a truck)
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Step three: Make sure a bishoujo appears right off the bat to greet him in this new world.

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I thought nothing could beat KnK but then they made Phantom World so I expect them to keep finding new lows from now on.
Phantom World obviously.
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KnK was fine, why does it get to much crap?

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I don't want a repeat of last thread. Let us discuss the new chapter.
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ya dead op?

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Let's discuss manga as a medium.
What are your thoughts/gripes?

The biggest problem with it is that people approach it with too many different viewpoints that do not hit the full potential of it.

I see it as a mean to tell a story in a more visual fashion but most mangaka don't give 2 shits about improving their writing and focus too heavily on the art first and foremost.

And some don't even focus on coherent artistic story telling and instead dabble into something more specific, like design and pushing the peculiarities forth.

Good example is Nihei, he's an architect and he jerks off to making architecture and perspective, his character design is beyond average, and his stories very unpolished and mostly are just a chaotic stream of thoughts a-la every freshman trying to write his first course paper and getting lost.

I think the ideal approach for manga would be to have what you see some examples of but not nearly enough is when the writer and the artist are two separate entities.

Or rather, if we go full western comic standards, the more people you got in there the better, 5 artists, 6 artists, it's all just convenience, with good cooperation and additional staff manga can become so much more than it is right now when people don't try to multi-juggle being a one man army for such a diverse set of skills required.

Case and point don't try to hone everything a little bit or you risk not truly achieving something worthy in anything at all.

That is at least what I think.
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Needs to be more gyaru manga.
Alright then.
Manga is a shit medium.

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