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Someone hyped for SukaSuka? 11 april is coming...
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so like, is it good
I want to, but they'll probably fuck it up
Everyone's hype for it
or we would be if they would actually release the goddamn PV.

Oh well have the ED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qk0L3P3hSv4

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I don't understand this series
Was it the future or just an alternate universe or what?
I liked the protag though
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It's an alternate universe probably. It doesn't really matter where it happens, it's not like shitholes where children are raped or used as soldiers don't exist in real life. The fantasy device is used to throw forcefully a kid leaving comfortably in the first world in that reality.

And yeah the protagonist is great. A lot of people hate him though, which is sad.
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>I liked the protag though
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>the protagonist is great

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Sell me on this show /a/, it looks charming enough. I'm just not much of a waifufag and I don't intend to watch it just for Holo.
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Find something else to watch then.
Just watch it retard

This is fake as fuck, you can't open your eyes underwater for more than a second.
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They're monsters you retard. It's not outlandish for them to be able to see underwater.
Yeah, because Tetsu is a monster too, you goddamn mongoloid.
I used to do it but everything is was blurry to see

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So...um...is he supposed to look like a uterus and fallopian tubes? Because that's pretty messed up for a kid's show
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i think you're the one pretty fucked up to see such things.
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Fuck you nigger

This is now Mami thread
It's just body parts anon, what are you, American?

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What is /a/'s favorite band themed manga/anime?
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You posted it.
>this will never get an anime adaption

2nd one is k-on after this one.
that's probably it, then again i haven't read much music related manga
If they did get one, I'd want Madhouse to do it. I love what they did with Beck.
The hard part would be licensing all the Jimmy Hendricks and especially the Nirvana songs.

The only other thing I could think of is having sound alikes

what the fuck ?
did Berserk completely rip-off The End Of Evangelion ?
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You can't expect anyone to reply to your thread when you have "vlcsnap" in your filename and can't even bother to make a grammatically proper OP. Lurk more before posting.
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Volume 12 (the volume with the Eclipse) came out almost a whole year before End of Evangelion was released.

well the end of Eva was aired at 1997

while the golden age arc of berserk was released between 1991-1997

it'd be a photo finish to determine who put "big nekkid ladies standing up out of the landscape shots"

but keep in mind, this was a flashback arc, who knows when miura had the idea way back when he first "planned" the whole thing

ITT: Characters that deserve their own spin-offs
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She's already the MC though.
Why would a MC need a spin-off?
She deserves to spin off of my cock, if you know what I mean.

Post 9/10 girls
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You start.
>Post 9/10 girls
>Posts a 10/10

Is this different enough from the show and rebuilds to be worth reading?
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Be prepared for extremely gay Shinji.
Gayer than the third rebuild shinji?

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Yotsuba& Thread.
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Le'ts settle this once and for all /a/: which is a better anime: K-ON or Love Live?

State your case and vote your preference.
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Not even a competition. K-on over Love Live any day. K-On actually has good characters while Love Live only has fapbait.
both are trash desu
Agree, but at least there is some development in K-On.

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>Yakutani is an adult expert pharmacist. He (...) works himself to death.
>Before long, though, he's reborn into a medieval-style fantasy world as a noble boy named Pharma de Medisis.
>He changes the fantasy world's mistaken medical practices with modern pharmacology!

So this has a manga now.

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How late are you anon
We had a thread months ago
You just know this shit is going to get an anime adaptation announcement within a year. Sad.
He looks uncomfortable

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How can a girl with such an ordinary look be such a cutie?
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She's hot and she knows it
She's so disgusting.
You just have shit taste

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Chapter 5 finally out.
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