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Also best series.
No pretentious plot
Best characters
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The series where everybody dies?
>Gundam Wing
Cliché, one-dimensional, edgy main characters.
Laughable political intrigue.
Liberal use of stock footage.
Lazy mobile suit design.
Unoriginal plot points.
Subpar fights.

I could go on, but fuck that. Gundam Wing isn't good. The best Gundam series are 0079, Zeta and Turn A.

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>2017 and anime still isn't 60fps standard
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Watch anime at 4x you dummy, that is faster than 60 FPS.
60fps looks gross for anything that isn't a video game.
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>anime airs in the exact same resolution that it did back in 1987

just fuck my shit up senpai

It syncs up with this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfBtQw9H3Ng&feature=youtu.be
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i hate hollywood
why would you do this?
I see some quality here

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Chaika! Front page!
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Chaika wat.webm
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>tfw bought Namaniku ATK illustration book because of Chaika's big beautiful ass on the cover.

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Does she ever actually say "Mwee?"

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>April 18th
I wonder how it will be.
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Yuipollfag will be BTFO for a second time.
>excited for "status quo the anime"

no more
I wonder how he will handle volume 12.

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These are based on EoE and anime series.

So my understanding is that (assuming that humanity reached its peak evolutionary potential)

Antarctica 2nd impact (2000): SEELE withdraws Lance of Longinus from Adam and awakens its soul, then salvages its soul to Kaworu and sends him temporarily to the moon. SEELE puts the soul-less body of Adam into cryosleep (cased in Bakelite; its growth is slowed but not stopped) and retrieves the lance.

Adam’s soul which is no longer disinhibited by the lance starts attracting angels. Kaworu is in the moon so the angels start searching him there. Kaworu contains Adam’s soul but cannot trigger 3rd impact because he is ‘incomplete’ without its body

Gehirn is founded soon after 2nd impact.

EVA-00 (Adam-based; probably soulless – it is painted blue like a cold machine) and EVA-01 (Lilith-based; containing Yui Ikari’s soul) created

Lilith is awakened from sleep so it would grow to almost full maturation then crucified in a cross with the lance of longinus retrieved from Adam to draw out its ‘blood’ which is LCL. This LCL is used in evangelion entry plugs.

Lilith’s soul is salvaged to Rei (born 2004) with the help of the lance.

Gehirn renamed to NERV (2010) after the completion of Nerv HQ over the terminal dogma (Geofront – site of the Black moon) and Dr. Ritsuko committing suicide after the completion of the MAGI computers.

Kaworu is sent to Earth when he turns 15 (2015) but is well hidden from public. 3rd angel appears on earth (first appearance of ‘angels’) to try and find him there.

The unscathed body (with intact S2 engine) of the 4th Angel is retrieved and analysed. SEELE develops Mass produced EVAs with S2 engines at some point using this technology.

EVA-01 (Lilith’s body and heart, Yui’s Soul) devours Zeruel’s S2 engine (Adam’s soulless heart; the ‘red core’). Now EVA-01 can serve as a carrier of Adam’s soul.
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15th Angel Arael attacks Asuka psychologically, ‘reading’ her mind and passing the essence of human thought (and, also importantly, emotions which govern this thought process) to the next angel before it dies.

EVA-00 ‘decrucifies’ Lilith by taking the Lance of Longinus from the terminal dogma. Now Lilith is disinhibited and the lance is lodged to the moon so that it is irretrievable by human forces (some kind of supernatural force – i.e. science of the ‘first generation’ encrypted in EVA and the Lance – must come into effect).

16th Angel Armisael attempts to fuse with EVA-00 and access Rei’s ‘mind’. This action is facilitated by the information on ‘human thought and emotions’ provided by Arael. Armisael reads Rei’s mind and fills ‘out the blanks’ with data received from Arael. SEELE knew that Rei will be implanted with motherly emotions (+instinct), so they ordered EVA-01 to be sealed. They orchestrated events that would lead to Rei being attacked by Armisael first.

Understanding human thought and emotion is what lets Armisael to break the ‘wall’ (i.e. the natural barrier that exists between angels and humans; AT field) and ‘penetrate’ EVA-00 (controlled by Rei II who has a human body). Armisael represents the ‘human emotions (mind and body)’ in an angelic form.

(In the process of eroding Unit-00, a heteromorphous object grows out of the unit's back. It enlarges and expands into a form that is a confused combination of the Angels that have previously appeared, from the Third Angel to the Fifteenth Angel. It can be deduced that the genetic information of all the Angels from the Third onwards is included in either this Angel or Unit-00, and that this object was reconstructed and deployed based on that material.)
EVA-00 carrying Rei II (Yui’s body, Lilith’s Soul) ‘self-destructs’ and Rei III is born anew. This is what is widely believed by most people. However, what really happened is that although EVA-00 was completely annihilated, Armisael successfully merged with Rei II (as evidenced by ‘Rei III’ crying tears and breaking Gendo’s glasses when Gendo did not come to see her. This scene shows that she carries ‘human emotions’ and now has a ‘heart’ (S2 engine).

Rei also realises (through Armisael’s help of ‘emotions’) that a real loving person would come and see her when she is hurt. She now understands that Gendo is just using her as a means to achieving his selfish goal. Gendo is unaware that Rei is no longer a ‘dummy’ because she now has emotions (Gendo was never loved nor loved anyone so he doesn’t understand emotions). This is why Rei says that she is ‘not his doll’ (this is actually a line from Asuka; angels read Asuka’s mind and transferred it to Rei) anymore and ‘betrays’ him to merge with Lilith in the central dogma and grant Shinji’s wish (End of Evangelion). Why would she be attached to Shinji emotionally? This is because she realised that Shinji was who really cared for her emotionally when she was just a ‘pet dummy’. Now she understands how he felt all along through the help of Armisael (the provider/teacher of feelings).

Now Rei contains Yui Ikari/human body, Lilith’s soul and Adam’s soulless heart – S2 engine of Armisael. She closely resembles the first ancestral race (both tree of life and knowledge, containing Adam’s body/soul and Lilith’s body/soul).
Kaworu appears as the 17th angel (Shito – messenger of ‘god’, the first ancestral race; souls from the next dimension). Shinji is unaware that he is an angel and treats him emotionally as a human equivalent. This is very confusing to Kaworu because he has never been ‘loved’ (unconditionally, with feelings). He realises when he reaches the terminal dogma that what resides there is not Adam but Lilith, and that humans are not off-springs of Adam. He also realises his own identity; that he is neither fully human nor fully angel. Now he understands why Shinji behaved so emotionally (which is very unnatural for him) and that he must die and his soul released into human hands (SEELE) to trigger 3rd impact through Lilith. He also instinctively understands that EVA-01 is made of Lilith, not Adam.

Kaworu surrenders himself and dies to EVA-01, and his soul is released and resides in the S2 engine of EVA-01. EVA-01 now has a human (offspring of Lilith) soul, Lilith’s body and Adam’s heart and soul. Now it can also function without the pilot (who completes the ‘core’ of the EVA; but since Adam’s soul and S2 engine are inside Eva-01, they have fused to complete the ‘red core’ and is ready to be crucified through it).

Adam’s body is fused to Gendo’s hand which Rei takes before fusing with Lilith. At this point she is nearly completely ‘god-like’ because she now has Adam’s body with Adam’s heart (S2 Engine), Lilith’s body with Lilith’s heart and soul.

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Have you forgotten about her?
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What did she mean by this?
Oh, is the olev girl.
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Post em /a/
Rate others too.
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K-on's first OP is fun, but the 2nd and 3rd are unbearable.
one of the catchiest endings imo

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Just finished watching end of Evangelion.

I thought it was better than the ending for the initial show, but still a bit confusing. So are Shinji and Asuka the only two people alive, or did they turn into orange juice as well?
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Rei > Asukunt
As far as I know, since Shinji rejects instrumentality he is the only one "alive", initially. The rust on Misato's cross indicates that some time passes by until Asuka herself returns. Theoretically everyone else could return after that.
I assumed that they all turned into orange juice and that it was just some kind of dream sequence, but not quite so pleasant as in the original series ending?

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Still don't understand the story. Thoughts?
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Gaia wants to destroy humanity to save the earth and fulfill the butthurt of a reincarnating edgeloli.

Guardian wants to protect Earth from Gaia but they don't give a shit about Earth.

Kazamatsuri Bond convinces the Earth's Working Environment Hazards inspector that everything is going to be fine so Earth doesn't self destruct in two decades even when Guardian wins.
play the VN
Was it better than the series or was it good adaptation?

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what happened to shading /a/?
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shading isn't cute
It faded beacuse of low budget.
That's a bit disingenuous. It's a matter of different budget allocation.

There's a pretty stark difference between the animation you can pull off in a 12 ep TV series, versus condensing that budget to pay for a 4 ep OAV or hour and a half theatrical release.

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Otome Sensou Ch. 10

>Holy Roman Empire pwnd

Dumping the chapter, let's see how it goes

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Blood on the first page
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>[HorribleSubs] Tiger Mask W - 24 [720p].mkv

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>TTD beat Tiger Mask.
>secret identities

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Which series from WSJ do you still follow genuinely?

For me it's The Promised Neverland, One Piece and Dr. Stone in that order. None of the other series interest me anymore which is a shame, because stuff like Boku no Hero or Hungry Marie could have been really good, but are plain boring.
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None. I lost almost all interest in weekly shounen long ago.
Ghost tits and We Can't Study.

genuine interest and enjoyment tier
> Promised Neverland

cruise control tier
> OP
> BnHA

he's still alive, right .... ? tier
> WT

tentative trial tier
> We Can't Study
> potentially Bort, after movie recap ends

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am the fin of my fish.
I like it
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Fish-san kawaii

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