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>Mugi's family owns white slaves

>no one ever brings this up

What the fuck?
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Sumire was a mistake
slaves were mostly prisoners of war, it was not really a racial thing
except for, you know, the atlantic slave trade

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New chapter out.
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what are your 1rs impressions of this 2nd season
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>12 episodes
>each with 10 minutes of new content taking away OP/ED, recaps

This is the most cucked series of all time
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Who was in the wrong here?
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The computer geeks, for not using their superior numbers
Kyon for not putting a stop to this madness
Mikuru obviously.

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What kind of ride am i getting into?
Currently at episode 12
also what do you think of Ringo-chan?
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ringo idiot.png
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She's a stupid, stupid idiot.
I think Ringo is really hot
Ringo is a charming young lady who wants the best for her family and friends.

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Underrated as fuck. Beautiful Anime with fantastic characters and a simple, but nice story.
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Stultifyingly poignant
Thought it was boring, dropped it halfway through, nothing was happening.
Reminder that we won't get an adaption of the second book, where Balsa goes home to the land of the badass spearfighters to set shit straight.

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>literally can't avoid wearing cosplay shit as normal outfits

No wonder the greasy plebs of /a/ love Moi so much; it must be like looking in a fucking mirror.
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I may be fat, white, and a weeaboo, but I'm not cute enough to pull off an outfit like that.
>doesn't go to sauna erry day
>doesn't swear in every other sentence
>doesn't preach the joys of rye bread
How the hell is she finnish?
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who /blackmayo/ here?

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Why ain't Nep wearing pants?
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To prevent overheat.

Occasional reminder to always skip the first episode of this classic show.
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There isn't enough porn of her
Please start using the old image again.
Doing God's work anon
Bought it on DVD about 5 years ago, never watched it. /blog

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New season is here

Which anime have you dropped already?

What are you watching?

Who is your seasonal wifu?
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>seasonal waifu
fuck off
Just watching capekino, Alice to Zouroku, and Frame Arms Girl (FAG) so far.
I was going to catch up on SnK's first season but I came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth the time.
>Which anime have you dropped already?
Alice to Zouroku
Warau Salesman New

Shit season.

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Is the age gap between Misato and Shinji too weird for him to make a move?
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Shinji's a scared little boy. He doesn't make a move on anyone.
Maybe he just needs abit more encouragement
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no, he's just a typical beta MC

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In Code Geass, C.C implies that she abandoned her real name and has since forgotten it

Lelouch, do you know why Snow is white? it's because it has forgotten it's name
When talking to Lelouch about if she was human she says that if she wanted to be seen as human she would have a more human name, as if she hinting that her name C.C was something she chose. V.V also shares the same kind of name but nothing is ever said about it.

in Etrian Odyssey Untold, the AI in charge for firing Gungnir and Ricky's friend is named Mike however is spelled as M.I.K.E which stands for Memetic Installation Keeper Engine.

So i am wondering, does C.C and V.V stand for anything?
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I don't really know anything but in jap her name is C2 and always thought second season's name R2 had a connection to that (Rerouch)
Callen Cozuki
V.V.'s name is Victor zi Britannia, so it might just be the first letter of their original names repeated twice

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Crunchyroll's 1080p release of Shingeki no Kyojin looks much better than their 720p release, and it looks better than SallySubs release (720p), which is nearly 100MB larger.

The following screenshot comparisons are all taken on the exact same frame, the 720p screenshots have been upscaled to 1080p by mpv using it's ewa_lanczossharp upscaler, it is the fair way to compare them, and most people are going to be watching 720p releases upscaled to 1080p under similar or worse-quality conditions.

1080p CR Vs. 720p CR

1080p CR Vs. SallySubs

720 CR Vs. SallySubs
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i only download 480p you fucking pleb
Why do you care, shitlord?
>Crunchyroll's 1080p 720p upscale release of Shingeki no Kyojin

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>kicking your father in the balls
>acceptable, ever
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happy fathers day.jpg
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Dad abuse thread?
Nips REALLY hate their chichiue.
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Sometimes it would be very acceptable. Though in this case punching would be more appropriate than kicking.

After five whole years Funimation finally got the licensing rights to make a Nichijou boxset for the Western Audience. /a/ how do you feel?
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They better cast Johnny Young Bosch as Sakamoto.
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Too late for that now. Everybody has forgotten about it already.
Indifferent as I refuse to support Funi even if I do love Nichijou.

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