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S2 episode 1 is airing right now.
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>Still no simulcast announcement
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>Started semi-flat
>Her figure has become more defined and curvaceous over her first two years at Magic High and has large breasts.
>Starts with 160cm
>She is now 165

LNfags can confirm this info?

Is is important
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Yes, it is true. Like Miya and Maya Miyuki too has the genes for great stonking tits and deadly curves. In addition the Shiba are an ancestral branch family to the Yotsuba. Shiba Kuuya and Shinonome Maaya were the parents of the first Yotsuba head.
Both these two families were interbred with European parents who specialized in MI type magic. Tatsuya is 182 cm tall, for the record.
But Mayumi is the sexiest.
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Look at this

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Someday he'll tell Haruhi that he is John Smith...

...right before his wedding with Mikuru
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Mikuru is just fapping material

Haruhi was the same as she always was but with long hair.
Koizumi was exactly the same
Yuki was cute moe moe and in love with him
The only person he couldn't have in the new world was Mikuru.
He has said MULTIPLE TIMES that he loves Mikuru and his greatest lament was not being able to spend time with her in the clubroom.

Deny it all you want faggots. Mikuru is the primary reason Kyon restored the world.
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This is Japanese troll.
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Actual furry.
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>voiced by Mugihito
Can't wait for hear his voice.

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Thank you best girl
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thank you spooky ougi
thank you spooky ougi
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thank you spooky ougi
>fucking hate ougi but i can't pass up chance and luck

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Will having a waifu appease my desperation for love and affection, and my crippling virgin loser tier loneliness?
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Will having a Kyouko appease Ayano's desperation for love and affection, and her crippling virgin loser tier loneliness?
That's what I'm asking! Are you me?

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>MC is edgy and heroine is genki
>they journey through thick and thin together
>MC slowly become kind
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Don't tell anyone but I love that shit
That's actually my favorite trope.
I thought 80 percent of all anime pairings are like this? Either way I also kinda like it, even if it's overused

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>He manages to actually get a job in the end
Sense of realism lost
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But that was the only realistic part of the whole thing.
well, what would you do? if I had just lost all income from my parents the first thing I would absolutely do is get a job. what you SHOULD be mad about is the fact that they didn't even kiss.
Read the afterword.

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Hey anon, do you like our bikinis?
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Post Bellows and Ridget for more comprehensive examples.

I prefer your samba outfits.
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Gazed at for it's stunning beauty and mystery.
Mankind knows about it's different planetes and solar systems.
About it's magnificent galaxies.
About it's mighty black holes.

But after many centuries the citizens of earth forgot about...
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Ok, don't lie.
WTF happend there, Dhomochevsky?
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What the fuck kind of performance was that domo? What does her smirk mean? What does it all mean?! Is Iko the best girl?
nothing...really nothing.
or maybe something even Nihei didnt remember
Iko is a boy

Favourite episode?
Favourite Friend?
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Episode 10
Shoebill; she has seen some serious shit and she has this 1000-yards stare all the time.

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name a better scene in the entire Fate franchise.
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Literally any other since it was stupid as fuck.
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>Almost no ecchi anime this spring season

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>sin Nanatsu no Taizai
>eromanga Sensei

>no gabriel dropout episode today
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How many of you are dropouts?
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Just watch this instead, it's just as good
literally me

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