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Thoughts on this anime?
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Don't do this to yourself, just play the VN.
The anime is not great. Play the VNs.
They're great.
Anime is ok, the only good part was this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-fFT-gdJC4

Play the VN

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Don't open this!
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Whose stupid idea was this?
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That world unfortunately had its women's suffrage movement and rise of feminism much earlier than in our world.
>republic talks shit gets hit
>retards think empire is bad guys
What? No, I'm referring to that gun.

Takahashi does the best angry girls.

I want them all to yell at me while I jack off.
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I agree. Takahashi's angry girls are cute and wonderful.
Akane isn't cute. She's cute when not angry, which is rare.

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post them

hard mode: the hero never manages to beat them
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Tell me I'm cuter than your waifu.
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I'm cuter than your waifu.
I don't have a waifu
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Would you bath your Nyanko?

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Chapter 2 was translated. Is anyone else reading this? It's pretty good so far.
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Dump or go home.
You should dump chapter 1 and tell us about the plot a little if you want us to discover or discuss it.

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Vanilla Aiz Cream is the most delicious.

who else is excited for this?
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Been reading the mango, so kinda, more for Finn and Loki than Aiz though.
Amazons too, but less so.

yeah, I'm wondering how moch of the manga they are planning to adapt. I would assume that it's going to be the things that happened in parallel with the main story (at least the parts shown in the anime) and they'll leave off the parts after the fight in level 18.
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Strong, tall, autistic girls with a guardian complex are the best. Simply the best.

If they want to make this interesting and not as boring as WCW sometimes tends to be, they'll give her a boke to balance out her tsukkomi.

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Are there any particular substances you like to consume while watching specific anime? For example, it's often said that Hidamari threads are full of alcoholics.
Is there a show you like to watch while drinking? Smoking (weed or cigarettes)? Or maybe something you like to eat while watching certain types of shows?
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Eating is for the weak.
Real men are autarkic.
Yogurt + anime is ideal.

Nutella or peanut butter is an okay substitute if I have no yogurt
This is why they were moved to /c/.

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>Smug reader thinking Ippo is a shit boxer
>Keep saying shit like "He never dodges"

Fuck your shit, Ippo hardly ever get hit. The worse fight before Gonzalez was Woli's.
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>Ippo hardly ever get hit.
Watch Scar J or Gendo's fight if you don't believe me. He hardly got hit in those fights.
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>Shitters getting BTFO

Analogy for the Readers.

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How much cum would you dump in her?
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1 mm
bout three fiddy

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Is hunter x hunter shonen-shit like Naruto or One Piece or is good?
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It's Naruto except edgy stuff happens in 2 of the arcs so people think it's deep. Naruto ironically is more entertaining and has more fleshed out characters despite being the punching bag of /a/
Also i never understood the fucking hate who have the people at Naruto, it's much more entertainment than OP for me at least.
Couldn't get past the first ten episodes of Naruto. Literally fell asleep during a few episodes.

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Was Kircheis Jesus?
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Kircheis is the gayest name I ever heard.
He didn't come back.
What's with all the LoGH threads lately?

Not that I'm complaining, but I don't remember people talking about it this much.

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Why do people like Diamond is Unbreakable? Literally nothing interesting happens until Kira shows up and the characters are bland.
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What you just said applies to all of Jojo. Only the villain of the part is interesting
You named it, Kira carries the arc but there are some good fights even before that. It also has great art

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This is Kyoto Animation.
Say something nice about it.
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They make great appendages.
>God tier
Very good quality but zero substance.

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