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Why do best girls never win, /a/?
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>relationship with MC
Because most Japanese writers as a whole are autistic and don't understand society.
Fuck her, she was trash

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Post your favorite composer, and your favorite track(s) by them.
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he basically has one track and many remixes. no need to post it

Childhood is idolizing Haruhi, adulthood is realizing that Yuki makes more sense.
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Childhood is idolising Kyon, adulthood is realising you're just as miserable as he is.
Eternal childhood is obsessing over cartoons as a grown adult.
Enlightenment is realizing that Mikuru is simply the best out of the three.

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>tfw you finish watching the epic Mobile Suit Gundam saga and everything else seems so childish in comparison
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Gundam 0079 Episode 26 (6).png
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wow he looks alot like Mcgilis
Gundumb is even more of an overrated shit than LoGH and Monster.

These are official subs by CR. How does that make you feel?
Did Daiz and Herkz lose?
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Crunchyroll-sama has brought back based TL notes

Praise him OTL
I don't mind them.
But using anmitsu and removing honorifics in the same subtrack is fucking weird.
They did keep the honorifics too though.

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Is this even worth watching /a/?
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Just try watching it yourself, faggot.
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I'd say so.
Absolutely not.

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Why is she your waifu?
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Because it's male, non-human, and has a shit personality to boot

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Boku no Hero Academia >>155401382

Shokugeki no Souma - http://www31.zippyshare.com/v/2CYlhAKK/file.html
The Promised Neverland - http://www31.zippyshare.com/v/vOU8Sgk7/file.html
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So is Viz picking anything up? All 6 series have now finished their trial runs.
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It's gonna suck, won't it?
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I am sure there are better sources to cite than CR.
Not really, no.
It's going to be the meme anime of the season but it will be cool if he makes of content and a plot for the anime

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Don't know about manga updates, but I said I would be posting spoilers for the LNs, so I will.
Alternatively, Shield Hero thread.
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Prologue:Naofumi and Co. are looking for the other three heroes, because something doesn’t seem right about the tortoise situation. At the end of the chapter, Firo hears screaming in the distance. Usual recap of everything that happened so far throughout.
Chapter 1:Naofumi helps protect a group of people (bandits) from tortoise Familiars (Bat type, and one Yeti type that appears). The familiars, once dead, spawn more familiars after a while. Naofumi takes everything from the bandits, but brings them to safety. One of them might have saw Ren. After arriving at a town, they portal back to give an update to the Queen.
Chapter 2:After portaling back to the town, and immediately find it’s beset by a Spirit tortoise familiar (amalgamated parasite type), similar to a Chimera and ~8m tall. After attacking it, Firo gives a terrible explanation about why they shouldn’t attack it more, but is shown by bat types coming from a lopped off scythe, owing to it’s name ‘amalgamated parasite’. After attacking another head, Ost (the strange girl from the last book) explains they’ll need a stronger attack to destroy the tail. Eventually the shield of Wrath is used. Turns out Ost is a familiar (human type).
Chapter 3:The groups returns to the guild hall in town to get an explanation from Ost. She was supposed to cause discord in the country where the tortoise was sealed to gather souls to make the barrier to protect the world from the waves. The blue hourglasses are the power level of the waves, with the Spirit tortoise being a level 7 threat (scale unknown). Glass, L’arc, etc. aren’t part of the waves. Someone has taken over the Spirit tortoise to siphon the soul energy for sinister purposes, and the seal wasn’t undone properly, so she’s helping all the heroes to properly undo it and defeat her(?). Naofumi then gets an urgent message that the tortoise has reawakened. Ost can only assist Naofumi via support magic, and she becomes a party member. They attempt to portal to the tortoise, but are prevented by the main tortoise body. They instead portal to Melromark Castle, and decide to hold a strategy meeting with the Queen.
Chapter 4:Seven Star heroes are investigating the land of the tortoise’s origins. The queen evaluates the strength of a Seven Star Hero to be about as strong as Firo or Raphtalia. Missile-like objects rain from the sky, causing explosions upon striking the ground. At that point, the Spirit tortoise comes into view. Naofumi describes it like having rabies, and redubs it Spirit Tortoise Tyrant. The missile-like objects were ‘spines’ coming from the new spire mountain on its back. The group leaves to meet with the coalition army surrounding the tortoise.
Fuck actually writing detailed spoilers. Fuck 2000 character limit per post. I'll only get to post about two chapters per.
Chapter 5:On the way, naofumi receives a thick stack of papers from a research division on the Spirit Tortoise; tells the captain who gave it to him to read it and report back, as well as to give a copy to Rishia. The army generals find out Ost is a familiar, and get upset, saying she should be butchered due to ‘sacrificing the people to protect the world’. Naofumi gets angry and makes a comparison to the country summoning the heroes to ‘sacrifice’ them to save the world from the waves. Queen eventually steps in and says the Tortoise once fought for the world, though not necessarily for humans. That’s not the case now, though. Queen and Ost go talk to Rishia about what the heroes can do to stop the tortoise. Naofumi continues to talk to the army about the strategy. The Tortoise stops occasionally to draw power from the earth. The plan is to attack when it’s in an area with less magical energy that’s able to be absorbed.
Chapter 6:The tortoise begins to move again after an hour, and Naofumi has read up a bit on it. Of course, lots of info has been lost over the ages. After a while, they take off in a large carriage to engage the tortoise. Ost casts anti-grav magic on Raphtalia and others to lessen the effect of Firo dodging the spikes; Naofumi may be able to learn it. Arriving at the tortoise, everyone starts buffing Raphtalia and Firo, while Naofumi puts up shields. The Tortoise shoots it’s energy beam, and Naofumi proceeds to block it with assistance from the old lady and Ost. Firo and Raphtalia then attack the head, also with assistance from all possible attackers. The head is severed, but then regenerates and fires another particle beam. The group retreats.

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>"Hi it's your editor here"
>"you know that manga you're writing? It's cancelled, scrap the chapter you're writing and quickly do an ending"
>"What's that, could you at least get a double length chapter? Hmm.... naaaaah"

Being a manga artist must be pretty fucking brutal sometimes...
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it's not ending.

>final chapter
>it's not ending

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249 raws are out. Hopefully someone can translate.
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>This new visual
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What's wrong?
It looks just like a manga for me. That's great.
Yuri on Ice?

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hokago tea time.jpg
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fuwa fuwa taimu~
I want to impregnate Ritsu's asshole.
K-on is Garbage, Yui is unlikable and retarded, and everyone else is boring.

What a fucking cancer on the anime industry, jesus christ.

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>tap 6, play this. +1 and i discard shock and deal 4 damage to you!
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>discarding Shock to burn for 4

Typical no brain red player.
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>tap 6, cast corrupt - redirect damage to your chandra
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