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Reminder that 8bit has a yet unannounced sequel planned for the second half of this year.

Let's hope it's Yama no Susume.
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Plot twist:
Tokyo Ravens S2
4 cours, 48 min eps or bust
Inb4 it goes back to 4-minute episodes.

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Castle of Cagliostro is best movie and it's the reason why most of the other films were even made. Lets be honest. Already has iconic and established characters unlike the rest which are very generic one dimensional characters that have as much personality as a potato. Joe "only 1 decent song per film" Hisaishi didn't work on it, but legendary Jazz musician Yuji Ohno composed instead. The soundtrack alone is GOAT. The story is fun. Your basic save the princess inside a castle type of story with a twist. Instead of a hero, it's a master thief. Incredibly detailed art, amazing animation for it's time, inspired everyone from Spielberg to Lasseter. Even the end scene where they are battling in the clock tower influenced Disney so much they tried to recreate it in Great Mouse Detective. I could go on for hours talking about how incredible this work of art is.

What's your favorite?
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No one has any favorites?
>no Kaguya-hime
Into the fucking trash where it belongs

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Let us begin
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>no part 3 of slightly tsundere osananajimi meido

Fucking Japan, my dick is already necrotic from fapping to Airi that much.
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The porn one
Wow. Thanks. It helps a lot.
I'm usually not a spoonfeeder but I made an exception for you this time.

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>there will never be more K-on!
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Thank god.
I don't understand how people dislike it desu.
It's a very nice time
Thanks god.

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>Lu Shuiyin (Riku Suigin in Japanese) is a master of gaming, a skill only known to his classmate Lu Lian (Riku Lin in Japanese). One day, Shuiyin receives a device from Lu Lian for a tomb raiding online game. While Shuiyin is excited to receive the device, Lian is suddenly kidnapped. Shuiyin touches the device that was left behind, pulling him inside the game and trapping him there. What is the imaginary world inside the device? What will Shuiyin find there?
>It is a world where two groups of people fight over the power of the gods, which originates from the tomb the mother goddess Pangu (Bango in Japanese). The two groups are the tomb raiders and the tomb protectors. The device Shuiyin received from Lian is called the Monolith, and it allows a normal gamer to go near the tomb. The tomb raiding group plans its attack by recruiting common people in the name of gaming. Shuiyin, as the final tomb protector, must fight against the raiders in order to save Lian.
And I thought Japanese isekai was bad.
What the fuck is this shit?
And why does everyone have the same last name? Is this going to turn out to be a degenerate incest series too?
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Don't worry, the otaku will hate this shit with a passion since it's Chinese. But yeah that first episode was awful; the shiny butt was the highlight of the ep.
The same words in chinese can have different characters/meanings, literally the same as kanji, dumb EOP.

Also the premise sounds kinda like Jumanji, but of course the high fantasy isekai shit is rubbish like most of the time.
I was going to ask why they didn't give the MC a more realistic Japanese name but then I realized his Chinese name is equally Edgy McCool-esque.

Dear god this reads like a 12 year old's deviantart OC.

Kyoani hands.
Post em.
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Since it`s a specifically hands thread, and Kyoani at that, I`ll ask - does anybody have a webm of Takiya rubbing hands happy merchant style? It`s in the comiket episode around 21 minutes.
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Was this good?
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No. It was fantastic. No. It was awesome. No. It was masterpiece.
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Fell apart in the second half, but still entertaining I guess. It had the hottest girl of the season too. 12/10.
It was spicy.

Is she the Ika Musume of our generation?
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Maybe. Great first ep in any case.
Is this like an anime version of UP?
This but why isn't anyone talking about it? Yea the cg looks awful but the setting is kind of interesting.
Also why is it alice to zouroku when she's the red queen?

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Is it ruined yet?
>Inventing some kinda pilot suit for Eureka despite special gear never being required to pilot most of the stuff in E7
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Probably something that predates the Amita Drive that Eureka needs to synch with Nirvash. You THUNK?
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>Eureka needing anything at all to sync with Nirvash
The CGI mechs are obvious in a still image, but in the trailer I couldn't quite tell

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nGBa Dream!.png
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BanG Dream!
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Which dream would you bang?
The fat one.
RIP Kasumi

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"Julietta, the demon slayer" has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
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>flawless victory for team meat
Tekkadan and Choco eternally BTFO.
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Could Julietta slay Kira?
Worst Gundam series? Or most badly-handled ending ?

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For the people that didn't grow up on Ghibli, how do you feel about Miyazaki's movies as a whole?
I don't really care for the few I've seen. I don't think I possess the childlike wonder or nostalgia required to enjoy a Miyazaki film.
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that scene in spirited away when her parents transform into pigs was really hot
I've only seen NausicaƤ. It was enjoyable, but I'm certainly in no rush to watch his other stuff.

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Can we just mourn our fallen son, for one moment?
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Good riddance.
What, you don't like fun?
Umaru on the front page forever. They can never take this away from us now.

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Was this good?

Don't see many Steampunk anime out there, or really Steampunk anything for that matter. Also just reading about it reminded me of that dragon hunting manga where they are in air ships, sort of a play on whale hunting back in the day.

Outside of like Laputa the genre hasn't really been explored much.
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Excellent world building. The plot kind of moves slowly at first and then accelerate in the second half. Apparently the sequel is pretty bad.
good work stalker
Nah, pretty boring.

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