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>interesting plot and world building that unfolds naturally
>uncommon themes for a shonen such as suicide and child abuse
>likable characters that are constantly being developed
>tons of foreshadowing, symbolism and no plot holes
>beautiful art and paneling

Is it because it's very heavy on shintoism and japanese mythology? or because there's little fanservice/waifu pandering? or because the anime adaptation was (for the most part) shit?
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Because the manga's release is sparse.
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I just have so much on my plate already. I loved that last arc in the anime though. The last two episodes with Ebisu almost made me tear up
>the /a/ is a single person meme again

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At how many jokes did you laugh in ZZ Gundam?
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whenever the little girl says puru lol
None, the show wasn't very funny. If I want funny Tomino I can just go watch Xabungle instead.
The OP was hilarious.

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When are we gonna get more news on Season 4?
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S4 is coming in mid 2018
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Is that an educated guess or actual news?
Guess we have zero info on S4 all we know is it's announced and coming. Ishibumi refuses to let any information on it slip.

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Who else is excited? First episode airs in a few hours.
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Yeah sure I guess I'll watch it. Seems hilariously stupid enough.
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I am.
>Click random article on Wikipedia
>Pick the first complicated sounding English word you find

So I've finished the original Dragon Ball anime. Should I continue with the original DBZ or DBZ Kai?
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Yu Yu Hakusho
isn't it censored tho?

Does Sucy browse /d/?
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She browses /u/, too
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thread is off to a great start

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How much physical manga do you own?
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Over 250 volumes and a few issues of shonen jump and a dragon ball artbook
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Everytime I see those threads I feel bullied.
One diog eared volume of Naruto that I got for my twelfth birthday

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And discuss why.
Starting with a pretty recent example.
Also, can we at least agree that the OP was god-tier?
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Put your trip back on you fucking autist.
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The MC had great scenes where he gets his ass kicked. That's all I remember.

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This ever even get a good fan resolution?
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I still can't believe that Abel is fucking dead.
Wait this series is still ongoing?
>fan resolution

No, thank fuck. I'm surprised manga didn't carry, on, though.

Hajime No Ippo

Will it ever get a sequel/continue?
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Read the manga. Its not even close to its end.
George will probably die of cancer before Kamogawa.

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>AOTS ends tomorrow
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Kemono Friends is AOTS dumb KyoAnifag.
Got a large beer prepared for the following depression.
Are you seriously still trying to push the "It's the next mlp" meme on kemono friends?
Because It can be said about anything popular ever.

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You hear you lose. The not posted every thread edition, let's get really out there.
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> The not posted every thread edition
Posts Satsookeys heel click
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>This year's May issue of Shueisha's Jump SQ. magazine revealed on Tuesday that it will launch six new manga series starting with the June issue. The new series include:
>Do Kyū Hentai (Super Level Formation Exloss)
>Rurouni Kenshin, Meiji Kenkaku Romantan: Hokkaido-hen (Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Arc)
>Futari Bocchi Sensō (Our Lonely War)
>Katsugeki! Tōken Ranbu
>Yugai Shitei Dōkyūsei (Harmful Designated Classmate)
>Sentaku no Toki (Choice Time)

Are you excited for any of this?
The Sci-Fi looks cool.
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The sci-fi one looks interesting.
Super Level looks like some over the top kind of fun
Sentaku no Toki also looks interesting but it looks like it'll be horror or stuff like that and I'm not in the mood for that.
Rurouni Kenshin will get translated for sure.
Not sure if any group will be interested doing any of the others.
RK: Hokkaido? That's really interesting.

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Can a show about girls doing Enjo Kousai(compensated dating) work? What if the group of friends have a strict "no sex" policy. Theyll go out with salary men but they keep their virginities intact. It will be a comfy slice of life show. They would still be pure.
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3D shit
>What if the group of friends have a strict "no sex" policy. They'll go out with salary men but they keep their virginities intact.
That's no fun then.
Many women in japan actually do enko but most of them dont go further than dinner, karaoke, and companionship.

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Should we call them the Monkey Trouble Team?
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hahaha why is there a giraffe
literally what is this, we actually gonna see t rex and whale titans?
Just some imagery that portrays the titan as apex predator.

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