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Find a flaw.
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Not a real fox/dog girl
She's in a shit show.
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That's not Ryu.

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Do you prefer rich girls or poor girls?
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Poor girls who became rich by pleasing salarymen
>Rich girl hands you that money
>You obey what she does to you
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I don't care, I just want somebody to love.

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Kemono Friends with benefits
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Best Friends.
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I think we all can agree, if that there is a heroine that is universally hated, she'd be the one.
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Wait,she isn´t Asuka.
Aldnoah.Zero is literally one of the only good mecha shows in existence, so you can fuck off with your shitposting.
I didn't care about her enough to hate her. Everybody in AZ was definitely shit though.

Are you all ready for Idol Time PriPara big bois
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I'd like to see these girls naked.
Are you the real snowfag? I've been watching your raws, they are very nice and well seeded. Thank you.
>tfw I still have like 90 episodes to go before I can watch idoltime
the one and only famalama ( besides that /u/ fag with the same name. fuck him :^) )

I do
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I want to fuck this vampire so bad.
Literally who?
I miss her tall friend more

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K-on image thread to celebrate it's 8 years
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hot damn its been 8 years?
What am i even doing with my life?
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christmas k-on.jpg
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small dump

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brest girl.png
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the results are in, everyone* agrees: centorea is the best girl.

*everyone consists of the polls run on /pol/,/mlp/, and /mlpol/
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congrats, you big titty monster
Where has the MonMusu thread gone?
It was fun to watch everyone kill each other to see who was the best girl
P.S. it was cerea
i want to suck cerea's crotch tits

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So what scene are you most excited to see animated?

Last chapter is out, by the way.
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every scene except the crab ones
The reencounter between Hachikuji & Araragi


tell her go back to her grave damnit

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card face down.jpg
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I will put this card face down and end my turn.
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Get fucked, kid.
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nice miscut there anon

Would you a cake that a bit stale but overall delicious?
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They're peak ripeness, actually.
Sensei is best, but Hibiki is bester.
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>zesty, poorly dressed cake with melons

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Welcome to ''Japari Park''...
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>that fucking brain thing

Fuck off back to Fagbook or /v/
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Never post again on this board

Hentai Ouji deserves more credit than it gets. /a/ liked it, but it's not appreciated as much as it should be. It has the distinction of being one of the few harems where

>every girl is good
>the MC has a personality
>the main girl is best girl
>the MC picks a girl, kisses her, and they start dating
>there are legitimate tear-jerker moments
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azuki azusa.gif
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I generally list it when asked about good comedy anime so don't look at me.
Not as good as Phantom World as far as harem series go imo.
True but her sister and mother are a leap ahead of her.

How do I get into this series?

It looks hype as hell but I have no idea where to start.
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Have you tried starting at the beginning?
manga or anime, doesn't really matter. I prefer the anime because of the incredible OST
volume one?
Is there alot of filler?

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watched the show, it was all right

>found out it was based off a VN.
>checked out Hitomi for them CGs
>Diamonds, starting growing in my boxers

I know what i'm doing for the rest of the week, also Misaki is best girl.
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The VN is pretty good and pretty easy to read in Japanese. I don't know why it isn't translated.
It doesn't have my wife Chisato in it.
Are the voices the same in the game?

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