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Would you rather acquire a loli or be a loli?
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load my minigun
Be the loli. Me taking the picture with the phone.
Me on the right, being raped by other loli.

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say something nice about your imouto
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Another proof that all lowercase posters are cancer
she avoided the suffering of existing
She's the cutest in the world.

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Can you pretend to be my boyfriend for a month, Anon?
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of course
I'll be even your boyfriend for real if you want
If i can do whatever i want with you in that month
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You could get a real one easy as pie, so what's your game? I'm not going to NTR myself.

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Where were you when Okada single-handedly saved Gundam?
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IBO was a mistake
Why did Rustal start the huge war in S1 again?

Was it to lure McGillis to his death?

So I have dropped Fairy Tail for like 3 years and lately decided to come back for it. Is my boi Gray relevant now?
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On which chapter/episode you dropped it?
When Gray got shat on by Rufus in the grand games or what ever, I couldn't stand that BS and decided to drop.
>he thinks that's bullshit

oh boy just read some more and see if you can handle it

She's going to make a great mother
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>Ravel smiled as she explained the plan.

>“Our team has been evaluated to have nothing but power. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this. Of course, some people have said that there must be a minimum level of strategy. The people who want to laugh at us can laugh all they want. —However, if they see someone significant supressed by true power, the people who laughed at us will most certainly shut up.”

>Ravel said to me

>“Ise-sama possesses an unrivalled power that can be demonstrated by an immense cannon blast of energy with Pseudo-Dragon Deification—. This single blow will create that kind of change in the game, and they will be able to see it for themselves. —So in this game, please wait until the time is right, and then blow away the majority of the field.”

>“Simple petty tactics are completely useless in the face of true power; we shall burn this terror into the eyes of the contestants of the tournament, as well as all those who are watching it. There are a few competing teams in this tournament who are able to cause destruction to such a degree, but this is decisive power that even the lower level of god-class beings will not be able to overcome with strategy. This is what we need to demonstrate once more.”

Ravel is such a good girl i'm glad we're getting so much more of her she really gets Issei.
It feel like this was objectively the best strategy for Issei
Play to your strenghts, if you're not good at tactics destroy everything and focus on blowing shit up
It's very out of character for her to not be impregnated repeatedly over and over again

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What went wrong? Why didn't it become the next Code Geass?
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it's vulvarape

eru erufu was such a best boi
They were both hilarious trainwrecks but Code Geass came at a very special time and was much earlier in its arrival.

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CCS: Manga or anime?
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Anime - Manga - Band of the same name - in that order

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He's back
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How can Reifags still exist after this?

>On April 15, 2015, Anno spoke about his feelings regarding Asuka and Rei. He claimed: "The truth is, I have no emotional attachment to Rei at all. In the midst of making Eva, I suddenly realized that I had forgotten her. Her very existence. For example, in episode seven, I remembered and added one shot with Rei. I had no attachment to her at all. I think that was okay, because in episode eight, she didn't appear. Not even in a single shot."
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He fixed it in 2.0.
So that's why he made her sperg about some random psychobabble while showing landscapes and shit?
What a master. Truly the best anime writer.
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Anno is truly the master.

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>we will never see imouto again

Just end me, senpai.
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any more images?
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>I want to have some meat

What did she mean by this?
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She wants to have some meat.
It means she wants to have some meat, stupid
> design is literally young design but taller and with retarded hair extension
at least Atra was 10/10 milf

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you enter room and you see this. what do you do?
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I ask if I can join
I shoot Ilya like her dad
Do a 360 and make a shitty template thread on /a/.

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another one bites the dust

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Why everyone says that KonoSuba has a bad animation? Is way more fluid then a lot of other animes.
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Because most users of /a/ nowadays are casuals who doesn't know how animation works.
Because they doesnt understand what is good animation

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