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u gonna get lewded.jpg
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This is now a "post your Diana NTR greentexts" thread
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Leave Diana alone
The other thread isn't even on page 10 you stupid fuck.
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TTGL turned 10 years old this month /a/

Can we have a thread about it?
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I rewatched it earlier this year, it's still fucking good. Looks slick, gets you fired up, as funny as it is inspiring. Love it to bits.
>We will never get Lazengan-hen
I've actually never seen the movie version before. I hear the ending's better.

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Who is your favorite Demon King (girl)?
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You posted her

And specifically that design. The LN/Anime design is shit

I'm glad I agree, because sharp-eyed Maou beats doughy-eyed Maou.

Like this, she looks devious, cunning, attractive, more useless than ever.

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Post best boys ITT.
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This beta.
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the man the myth the legend.gif
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But you're wrong.

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Why doesn't Eren just let Mikasa protect him?
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t. mikasa
t. womyn
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Why would he want this thing always following him around?

So this is End Game, right? Akatsuki is cute but this lady is a much bigger cutie.
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She is physically larger, yes.
Can't win when she gave up before even trying.
Akatsuki is the OTP

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I heard so much good about this show, so I finally decided to watch it.

I can say with absolute certainty this was the stupidest thing I've ever watched. Was this supposed to be good. I'll give it props for creativity but man, that shit was whack
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great thread OP
you didnt like popular thing everyone watched 10 years ago
it has this inexplicable quality that draws the viewer in and compels him forward
>I'll give it props for creativity but man, that shit was whack
Maybe if you weren't stuck in the third season of Fresh Prince of Bel Air and watching chinese cartoons with your best friend DJ Jazzy Jeff you would be able to appreciate it in full context.

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what was the point of this character?
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To put on the skirt
To be the straight man, don't you know how comedy works
To tell you when the potato chips are on sale.

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Do you think Black Lagoon could work as Hollywood adaptation?
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Aubrey Plaza as Rey
Michael Cera as Rock
Denzel Washington as Dutch
Jonah Hill as Benny
Milla Jovovich as Balalaika
Directed by Paul WS Anderson
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pic related's the only anime i could ever see working as a hollywood live action

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>/a/ and /v/ having flags revealed that MOST IF NOT ALL NAMEFAGS AND TRIPFAGS
are Flip
What did they mean by this?
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Filipinos are the most powerful race on earth
File: 1489294648947.jpg (313KB, 612x716px)Image search: [Google]
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You made that comment multiple times yesterday and a thread about it on /spa/
But your flag was a Flip one.
What's your end game?

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Arise is fucking great!
Get fucked. Last time i ever listen to you!
I went and saw the live action film and you guys said it was shit but it turned out to be a solid 7.
So i decided to check out arise because i put it off because you guys said that was shit and not to bother.
Well you were wrong.
Fuck you /a/.
Fuck all of you autistic jaded pessimistic cunts.
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Guess you should probably leave /a/ since we're wrong about everything.
4chan is going to die.
Just lurk /g, all those faggots jerking on iphone and ishits
Arise doesn't deserve all the hate it gets. It does a lot of thing right and that feature length anniversary animation set in this new continuity was a nice homage. That said it's inferior to previous iterations.

The live action can go suck a cock, m8.

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Better than AO, right?
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It is not
>OP was uploaded 1 hour & 20 minutes ago
>Just 1 post

I blame AO for this.
It really hurt us didn't it.

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lost in time.jpg
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This was a good anime. Deathly thematic and enigmatically endearing.
Thanks Ebert

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Mikasa 3.png
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Mikasa is best girl. prove me wrong
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Can you keep your cancer in one thread please?
Mikasa etsucasa

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Why do you love Rin?
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I want o put my penis on her
Because she loves me too. For enough money.
I want her ass on my face and her feet on my penis.

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