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Claim your monsterboy husbando.
> tfw Super has brought a golden age
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Are there even any good recent monsterboys that aren't vampires or mermen or other common stuff like that?
> thin buu coming up
> Zamas
> Jaco
> basically any new DB character in the last 6 months
> several Stands if you're counting recent adaptations, esp KQ

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say something nice to loli and stitch
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> loli
jesus christ
Stitch looks kinda old here.
why was japan so obsessed with this this disney character?

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I get that Berserk is badass and great etc. etc.
But is there any point to it?
Despite the constant recommendations, I can't bring myself to bother reading something where I know for a fact that, in spite of all their efforts, good will not triumph over evil, every character will ultimately fail and probably be raped to death, and the entire world is doomed to forever be a horrific Hell planet where the living envy the dead, except that the dead are also in Hell.
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it's getting a happy ending
it would be shit if it didn't after all that grimdark for three decades.
the manga isn't over yet you fucking tard
for all we know Guts might just win
he's had plenty of small victories

Look at me.
I'm pretending to be retarded

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Why do cute girls have to be trapped in shows for homosexuals?
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Is this the imouto from Free?
Gou was completely ordinary looking and an unremarkable character.
Absolutely wasted character design. 100x times better than Shinka and her shitty clip. Fuck KyoAni.

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Is there a more badass mc than yuuji kazami? Granted i havent watched much anime (maybe 15 series or so) but no other mc has come close to him. Yuuji aside, the rest of the show is great as well, with some pretty fucking dark events happening.
Grisaia/yuuji/related anime thread.
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>maybe 15 series
you should have 300 completed before posting on /a/. lurk for 2 years before posting
Well its a good thing i made a thread about a series ive completed then isnt it? You fuckfairy extraordinaire
Autistic shit how you can be like that for a shit harem series and a mc without personality

So what do you guys think about this show?
Overrated? Amazing? Predictable? Poetic?
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Undiluted shit.
Fuck off netflix scum.

is mai hime good?
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honestly, no

it goes from bland to potentially interesting back to bland. Fanservice is sprinkled throughout because there's not much to the story

the followup, Mai Otome, cranks up the fanservice even more to make up for a story that's much more boring

then Mai Otome's bonus episode or whatever is just 100% fanservice and thats it

The musics great.

Just binge read this up until the most recent chapter, why am I so depressed now guys?
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Because the author can't stop hamfisting arcs about the one couple no one cares about?
I cared about the couple at first.

Now I'm all "meh" about them.
I'm stuck on an arc where it's Sports-Titty girl and Second Place girl arguing over Volleyball.

Not sure if I'll be able to recover from how boring this is.

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Is there anyone who is saving anime harder than Yuasa right now?
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This guy right here.
>flash shit
Not even anime.
Cry more.

Did he ever fuck one of them?
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I still don't get the wine episode.
Did the guy put his wife's dead body in one of the wine barrels?
And if so,what for?
I mean I get that he loved her,but why all of THAT?
>Did the guy put his wife's dead body in one of the wine barrels?
>And if so,what for?
He was mental? Dude killed his wife, put her in a wine barrel which got purchased by accident.
He should have.

You may pick one and only one
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I like em mild
either way Blue Lunch was cuter

I'll take a blue Launch please.

Best boy out of nowhere. It's finally time to toughen up.
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Is Evangelion as good as everyone says it is? I know nothing about the series other than waifu wars and how the end is confusing. Is it worth watching?
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Fuck off. It's not amazing, but it's required viewing. Also don't make a thread when you finish it. We have enough of that garbage already.
just watch it already faggot
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>it's not amazing

ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong.
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charles chaplin.jpg
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dewey apologists are the worst
Fuck that guy, Eureka is olev and the scubs did nothing wrong!

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>Build up a plot about her living up to her place in her clan
>NAH just turn her into a housewive

Way to fuck her up and turn away the female audience
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Females read Naruto?
>what are fujoshits
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Why are you disparaging housewives anon?

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